Stampler hands out Spurs-Lakers Grades

The highest grade is an A, and the lowest is a C- (three times) but who got those grades and why? Check out Aaron Stampler's grading of the first round to see.

Playoff trends for the Big 3

Timmy, Tony, and Manu must continue to meet expectations and provide what the Spurs require of them to make a deep playoff run. Who needs to improve upon their performance in Game 1 for the Spurs...

Jordan Hill available for Game two


After hip surgery three months ago Jordan Hill may return for the Lakers in game two against the Spurs.

Stop & Continue: A look toward strategy in game 2

What has game one victory over the Lakers taught the Spurs about themselves and their opponents? Here are some things they should continue to do going forward (and some they should avoid.)

Spurs can punish Lakers by pushing the ball

During the regular season, the Lakers' poor transition defense was infamous. Yesterday, in Game 1, the Spurs took advantage of several fast break opportunities, scoring enough points in transition...

Game 1 Preview: It's on


Spurs host Lakers in Game 1.

Stampler previews the NBA Playoffs


In an NBA Playoffs-wide preview of seven different series, find out the answers to many intriguing questions, including: Does Aaron Stampler have it in him to embrace James Harden?

Deja vu: Is it 2011 again?

The Spurs lost Round 1 of the 2011 playoffs to the Memphis Grizzlies, who were playing without their leading scorer in Rudy Gay. The Lakers come into to AT&T Center on Sunday, hoping to pull of a...

Spurs vs. Lakers series preview

The Spurs will take on the Lakers this Sunday on the first round of the NBA playoffs. Let's take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of either team and analyze who has the upper hand.

Playoff Playbook: Scouting the Spurs' offense


A deep look at the game film of the season series between the Lakers and Spurs, and how the Spurs' offense found success against the Lakers.

Spur Wars - Round I: A New Hope

It's time for the Playoffs, which means the staff of PtR chooses a theme and photoshops players onto the bodies of famous fictional characters. This year, we've chosen Star Wars. May Lucas and the...

For the Spurs, it's all about health

The Spurs come stumbling into the playoffs and will face the Lakers in the first round, which has some fans worried. But the problems the Spurs have been facing could simply be solved by getting...

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