The Story of the Spurs since 2007

As the Spurs await the conclusion of the Eastern Conference Finals, we take a look at the previous years since the Silver and Black last made the Finals in 2007.

After WCF, Spurs are like "Arrested Development"

You're in for a treat! Not only do you get another pop culture comparison based on the loosest of connections BUT also a play that goes on for way too long and is mildly amusing at best. Dig in,...

FwtE: Can Memphis crawl back into the series?

This is the eighth installment of an ongoing conversation with PtR's own SpursFanTN, & Kevin Lipe, who runs SBNation's Grizzlies Blog, Grizzly Bear Blues. This time they discuss flagrant fouls,...

Rehash: Spurs come back strong against Grizzlies


The Spurs were able to take a big punch in the first quarter, falling behind 18 points before coming back to force overtime. In the extra period, the Spurs took control of the game and in that, the...

Respect for the Grizzlies, from a Spurs fan

What happens when your regard for the opponent grows to the point where even victory becomes a bittersweet, melancholy thing.

A Dispatch from Game Three


Scattered thoughts on the first Grizzlies home game of the Western Conference Finals, in which the Grizzlies lost to the Spurs 104-93 in overtime.

Spurs deliver last blow, take Game 3 in overtime.


Game 3 resembled a boxing match, and the Spurs were able to withstand numerous blows from an emboldened Grizzlies squad. On the backs of the Big Three, San Antonio snagged a 3-0 lead headed into...

Spurs 104, Grizzlies 93: Well, Crap.


The Grizzlies fought mightily tonight, but ultimately they blew a huge first quarter lead and fell to the Spurs in overtime (yes, that again) 104-93.

Spurs rule overtime, take Game 3 over Griz

After a bad start, Pop benched the entire starting five. But they began the 2nd quarter together and the Spurs outscored Memphis by 27 through the last 3 quarters and overtime.

An Open Letter to Joey Crawford

During Game 6 of the conference semifinals, an old foe of the Spurs appeared; the same man who'll be reffing Game 3 in Memphis tonight. But does he have to be an enemy?

To the Grindhouse in Memphis, the Spurs go

The Spurs hope to ground-and-pound the Grizzlies into submission in Game 3. No blood, no foul warning up ahead!

Grizzlies learn Top Secret things about the Spurs

How predictable has this series been so far? Like computer simulation predictable. If this has somehow negatively impacted your enjoyment of the series then you are a terrible person and I don't...

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