Four starters out vs. Clippers

The win over Phoenix was costly. Beyond expected loss of D-Will and Brook Lopez to ankle sprains, Paul Pierce will sit with a groin injury. and KG is a late scratch. With AK-47 already out, the Nets will have 10 healthy bodies available.

Growing Pains - rookie coach/roster hurting today

After two last-second losses in as many games, the 5-4 Suns realize that the NBA season won't come easy. They need to grow up fast, or run the risk of losing more close games than not.

Nets Finally Pick Up First Road Win

The Brooklyn Nets were finally able to pick up their first road win of the season, as they dropped the Phoenix Suns in overtime, 100-98, with help from Joe Johnson who hit the game-winner.

Suns lose to Nets on last-second layup in overtime

Somehow, the Brooklyn Nets fought to a win against the feisty Suns by executing on isolation offense throughout the second half and overtime. The Nets won on a Joe Johnson layup as time expired.

King not worried, optimistic about Nets

Sam Amick got the first interview with Billy King and reports the Nets GM isn't just unworried. He's optimistic, believing he sees signs of defensive improvement. He likes the job Jason Kidd has done with the team assembled at a cost of $185 million

Game Preview: Setting the stage for the Nets game

The circus is coming to town, and the Phoenix Suns are ready for it. As has long been the case in the NBA, a veteran team's kryptonite is a brash, young opponent early in the NBA season. Enter the...

E-Mailing With the Enemy: Phoenix Suns

Dennis Velasco previews tonight's Nets-Suns game with Bright Side of the Sun editor Dave King.

Inside scoop on Nets slow start

The circus is coming to town, and the grand masters are former Phoenix Suns Jason Kidd and Joe Johnson. Coming with them are the aging Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. So many big names, yet so few...

The Temperature's Rising for the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn hopes to right their ship in the Valley of the Sun, where the surprising residents have a 5-3 record and possess the same speed and athleticism that have proven so troublesome for the Nets so far this season.

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