Warriors + Kings + Oakland = GSOM Night 13!


The Kings travel from Sacramento to the new capital of California for the GSOM Night Festivities. #Oakland

Last night, on a very special Viduje tas NBA


The only basketball pundits more misinformed than Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are those Lithuanian idiots on Viduje tas NBA -- I really can't stand those guys.

Clippers beat Warriors in shootout, 126-115


Steph Curry scored 38 but Chris Paul countered with 42 as the Clippers held off the Warriors in a good old-fashioned shootout.

Game Links #2: Warriors 115 @ Clippers 126


Roller coaster Warriors: First they take you high, then they drop you hard

Paul bests Curry, Clippers beat Warriors, 126-115

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul put on a spectacular one-on-one show that would've been more fun to watch if the Golden State Warriors hadn't ended up losing the game.

Clippers-Warriors open thread


The Clippers have their home opener against the Warriors. After the Clippers were blown out by the Lakers and the Lakers were blown out by the Warriors, things could get ugly. But it's another day, another game.

Shakespeare was a Clippers fan


Clips Nation's literary laureate Citizen Zhiv tells us why Shakespeare's Sonnet XXV is speaking directly to Clippers fans. And you guys thought Shakespearean references in previews was a bad idea!

Q&A with Clips Nation: Doc, Jordan & expectations

For our first Q&A of the 2013-14 season, we chat with Steve Perrin of Clips Nation about the Los Angeles Clippers to get some insight on Doc Rivers' impact on the team, DeAndre Jordan's development, and how competitive the Pacific Division might be.

Preview: Warriors vs. L.A. Clippers

In their first road game of the season, Stephen Curry and the Warriors go into Staples Center for a nationally televised matchup with the defending Pacific Division champion Los Angeles Clippers.

Clips-Warriors preview; Can Game 2 be a big game?


The Clippers need to work on rebounding and defending against three point shooting -- two things the Warriors do very, very well. So let's be optimistic and assume we see terrific progress tonight after a bad loss on opening night.

Clippers-Warriors -- The Questionable Blogger


After a disastrous loss to the Lakers, the Clippers have their home opener Halloween night against Golden State. In the new, upside down Pacific Division, it's the Warriors, not the Lakers, that will likely battle the Clippers for the title.

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