GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Thunder

Let's check out some plays from the Spurs' loss to the Thunder on Thursday night.

A recipe for success against the Thunder


There wasn't much we haven't already seen in Spurs loss to the Thunder. And that's ok. Thursday night's game contains just enough clues to the way San Antonio can take down OKC.

Lineups played a huge part in loss to Thunder

The Spurs are gonna be in huge trouble when they have to play at Oklahoma City for their fifth game in seven nights in the playoffs.

Spurs Infographic: Spurs at Thunder

So that's what a loss feels like, huh? Now that the streak is over, we can all focus on the playoffs to come. Plus, Coach Pop has something to harp upon, so there's that.

Recap: Thunder end Spurs win streak at 19: 106-94

Just because we saw this coming doesn't mean it was any easier to watch. The Spurs lose the lead in the 3rd quarter and never would regain it as the Thunder sweep the season series 4-0.

Thunder sweeps season series vs Spurs, win 106-94


Would the Spurs make it 20 straight, or would OKC find a way to stop an epic San Antonio win streak like they did in 2012?

Final Score: Spurs lose to Thunder, 106-94

The winning streak had to end sometime. Better now than in the playoffs.

Pop needs to sit everyone against OKC

I give you four good reasons why, when the average layman can probably only come up with like three. That's good value for you.

Thunder meet immovable object, will take on Spurs


What happens when an irresistible force with Kevin Durant meets an immovable object with a 19-game win streak? Well, somebody has to lose.

Game Preview: Spurs @ Oklahoma City Thunder

The Spurs head into Oklahoma City for what could possibly be a look ahead to the Western Conference Finals.

The NBA's April Fools joke on the Spurs


So, there's a big game this Thursday evening, eh? If you're thinking it'll be a good litmus test of where San Antonio and Oklahoma City are right now, you ought to think again.

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