Paul Pierce: 'You can't buy 'clutch' at Costco'


Paul Pierce talks about "clutch" and how it's in his DNA. He also tells the media that you can't buy "clutch" at Costco or Walgreens.

Video: Nets vs Raptors Game 2 Breakdown


The HQ's Kayla Grey takes a look at the series so far between the Nets and Raptors in anticipation of tonight's matchup.

Reality: Refs didn't win the game, the Nets did


Cathl Kelly of The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, has a theory that the referees are pushing for the Nets to win this series against the Raptors because they want them to face the Heat in...

Raptors May Need to Pick Up Pace vs Nets


If the Toronto Raptors really want to start treating the Brooklyn Nets like dinosaurs, they need to get their Flintstones feet on...

Ujiri talks about "F--- Brooklyn!" Won't be fined


Masai Ujiri has apologized for his "F--- Brooklyn!" moment, and went on SiriusXM NBA Radio to discuss the aftermath of his comment.

ESPN caused shot clock snafu ... or did it?


According to the Raptors, ESPN is to blame for the shot clock malfunction in Game One of the Nets-Raptors series. That was this morning. This afternoon, the Raps recanted. It wasn't ESPN's fault...

The only person stopping D-Will is D-Will


Kevin Garnett praised Deron Williams Sunday and said that he is the leader of this team. He also said that Williams' only problem seems to be himself.

Nets vs Raptors Game1 Recap Links


Mmmm...all the Raptors vs Nets playoff links you can handle while you chow down...

Brooklyn borough president responds to Masai Ujiri


Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams responded to Raptors GM Masai Ujiri's "F--- Brooklyn!" comment.

DeRozan's nightmare debut

DeMar DeRozan and the Raptors had been waiting for their first playoff game for years. Then, it went terribly.


Pierce: "That's why they brought me here!"

Paul Pierce was wired in Saturday's Game 1 vs. the Raptors ... and we are lucky for it. After hitting the dagger in the closing minutes, Pierce can be clearly heard voicing his excitement."That's...

Rapid Recap: Nets Steal Game One of Playoff Series


The Toronto Raptors couldn't get their offense going this afternoon and dropped a 94 to 87 decision to the Brooklyn Nets in game one of their playoff series.

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