Game 2 Preview: OKC looks to go up 2-0 vs Grizz


Game 2 is tonight and the Thunder look to maximize home court advantage by getting another win vs the Grizzlies.

Return of the Offensively Bipolar Grizzlies


The Grizzlies offense was an enigma in Game 1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. How and why were they so bad at times, yet so good at others all in one game?

Griz Grades: Grizzlies at Thunder - Game 1


Let's take a look at the individual Grizzlies performances for the first game of the 2014 Playoffs.

Game 1 Grades: Durant, Ibaka lead the way


Game 1 of the Thunder vs Grizzlies matchup goes to OKC. Who stepped up?

Superb OKC defense in Game 1 setting the standard?


The Oklahoma City Thunder kicked off their postseason with a dominant defensive showing against the Memphis Grizzlies. The good defense is back and looking as great as ever.

Recap: Thunder takes Game 1, 100-86


The Grizzlies cut a 22-point halftime deficit to four heading into the fourth. That's when Durant and the Thunder responded.

2014 NBA Playoffs: Finding a Chink in OKC's Armor


A look at how the Memphis Grizzlies can take advantage of the Oklahoma City Thunder's poor rotations from behind the arch.

Playoff predictions: Thunder vs. Grizzlies

Hey, you know what would be a cool idea? If the Grizzlies brought out a real grizzly bear out on the court to get the fans excited. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies at Thunder Game 1 Info


All your linkage and info to start the day.

GBB Playoff Preview Roundtable: OKC Edition


10 of GBB's finest got together to preview aspects of the first round playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. From stopping Durant and Westbrook to the Grizzlies X-Factor, series...

GBBLive Playoff Preview Available for Download


As Memphis prepares for another playoff series against OKC, the GBBLive crew has you covered. Host Joe Mullinax has help putting a bow on the regular season and previewing the playoffs with guests...

Where Z-Bo's strength fails him: OKC's post D


Few teams can contain Zach Randolph effectively, but the Oklahoma City Thunder do as good a job as any team.

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