Primoz Brezec

Milwaukee Bucks #9 - Center

  • Born: 10/02/79
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 7-1
  • Weight: 255

26 Days: The Sixers Meet The X-Factor

Our countdown to tip-off continues with this extremely hypothetical, nonsensical scenario of current Sixers trying out for The X-Factor.


Root for the Bucks, embrace anarchy

The Bucks probably won't beat Miami, but that shouldn't stop you from rooting for them and the spirit of anarchy.

Rockets Forward Chase Budinger Signs With Russian Team


Houston Rockets forward has signed with a Russian team, Lokomotiv Kuban, for the duration of the NBA lockout.

Grab Your Wool Coats, Primoz Brezec Signs in Russia


How the Sixers will ever recover from losing such an integral part of the team's future I'll never know.

The Super-Official Liberty Ballers Rap


Getting to know the bangerangenest Sixers site there is with lyrics!


"We may not have the best team, but we do have the 'most handsome' team"

Hey guys! So this morning, Slovenia held a press conference at the airport, before boarding a plane to Turkey. Nothing that special was said, but still wanted to translate a couple of quotes, if...

Bogut's injury opens the door for the Bobcats to leapfrog the Bucks


Rufus on Fire summarizes what Bogut's injury means for the Bobcats.

Sixers Trade for Jodie Meeks


A breakdown of the Sixers trade with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Fantasy Update Part II: Jrues Rule!


Fantasy Basketball is in full effect.  Since last update, Sammy's IQ has gone way up (if only this were true in actuality), the SuperSonics have risen,  Jordan and John continue to bring up the...

15 games under .500 means Championship


Against an average Utah team, we got riggidy-rocked.  Hanging in there down 8 going into the 4th, our boys couldn't muster a point the first 8 minutes of the final quarter, the Jazz going on a 14-0...

20 Reasons to get excited about the 2009-2010 Sixers


A preview of the upcoming mini-series: 20 reasons to be excited about the Sixers.

Lunchbox Links


UPDATEChris Bosh And Friend Sweet Talk The Ladies Via T-Shirt | DeadspinIt's not every day you run into something this unusual and outrageous on the streets of Toronto. Oh, look ... Chris Bosh is...

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