Antoine Wright

Sacramento Kings #3 - Forward

  • Born: 02/06/84
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight: 215

Draft Grades (which we hate) all over the place


We warned people just before the draft that they should pay no attention to the Nets draft grade. Ever since the Nets got A's for taking Antoine Wright in 2005 (Dick Vitale compared him to Dywane Wade), we lost interest. Still, we track them.

The Toronto Raptors' Greatest All-Time NBA Rivals

RaptorsHQ lists their top picks for the Toronto Raptors' greatest all-time NBA rivals...

Two Things Happen When I Get Angry: I Throw Things, and I Start Hating Denver

It's rivalry week here at SBNation! All the talk is about the main Maverick rivals, and why they're hated. The Mavericks number one rival will be discussed on Wednesday, but before then, several lesser teams will be discussed.

Draft Grades From "Great" to F


We've been a bit skeptical of draft grades ever since 2005 when Dick Vitale compared Antoine Wright to Dwyane Wade. (Ed Stefanski compared him to Allan Houston.) So we ask that you take history into account and the ratings with a grain of salt.

Lunchbox Links - Nets vs Raps Previews, NBA Awards, Antoine Wright and More


Nets vs Raptors Previews, NBA Awards, Antoine Wright and more in this edition of RaptorsHQ's Lunchbox Links.

Antoine Wright In Venezuela: What Happens When Being A First Round Pick Isn't Good Enough


Antoine Wright was the 15th overall pick by the New Jersey Nets in the 2005 NBA Draft but has discovered that doesn't guarantee success in the league. By signing in Venezuela on Wednesday, Wright's basketball journey has become another first round side story to learn from.

NBA Veterans Continue To Sign With NBA D-League


NBA veterans Antoine Wright and Stephen Graham both signed in the D-League on Friday, league sources told Ridiculous Upside. They join Kareem Rush, who joined on Thursday, as well as Ridiculous Upside favorite Jordan Eglseder as players who've recently signed in the D-League.

Nets To Sign Gerald Green Monday


Multiple sources, including Green's agent, are reporting New Jersey will sign Green Monday, two days after a staggering display of athleticism won Green, now 26, the MVP award. The 6'8" small forward is currently with the L.A. Defenders of the D-League, having previously played for the Celtics, Timberwolves, Rockets, Mavericks and Lakers,

Draft Grades Begin to Roll In


We're happy to report the general assessment of the Nets' haul is that the Nets got mostly B's, with some going as high as B+. Draftniks' general impression is that if you start with #27 and #36 and wind up with the second highest scorers in the NCAA and Euroleague, there's little to complain about.

Wright Reveals He Didn't Care Much While a Member of the Nets


Antoine Wright shouldn't have sat for an interview with Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated. He's trying for an NBA comeback, but by the end of the Amick article, he leaves little to recommend himself. Beyond bizarre complaints that Mario Elie got him dumped by the Kings, he speaks about how he didn't try very hard with the Nets.

Antoine Wright Blasts Kings: 'I Don't Think They Prepared The Guys Enough To Win'


Former Sacramento King Antoine Wright ripped the organization in a Sports Illustrated interview, saying the team didn't even provide its players with scouting reports.


Antoine Wright Got Cut Because Mario Elie Wouldn't Take A Photo With His Mom

Antoine Wright think Mario Elie's refusal to take a photo with his mom led to his ouster with the Sacramento Kings.

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