Grant Hill

Los Angeles Clippers #33 - Forward

  • Born: 10/05/72
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 6-8
  • Weight: 225

Watch: Calvin & Grant Hill on gay athletes

Grant Hill says some of the players in the NBA are less tolerant of the idea of a gay teammate than they have said publicly. Calvin Hill's experience with Jerry Smith and the Washington Redskins...


Charles Barkley, Grant Hill pick Wizards

The Inside the NBA crew previews the Wizards-Pacers series. Well, at least once you get past the one and a half minute mark.

Return of the Sunday Buffet - NBA Playoffs Style


After years in hibernation, the Sunday Buffet is returning (at least momentarily) to the internets: a veritable plethora of basketball thoughts for your Sunday morning consumption.

Updated 6/2: Detroit Pistons GM search tracker


Who are the candidates to replace Joe Dumars as President of Basketball Operations for the Detroit Pistons? Stan Van Gundy emerges from the pack.

Magic to honor Grant Hill on Tuesday

Hill made two All-Star teams in his Magic tenure.

Should the Pistons bring back the teal jerseys?


The Toronto Raptors announced that they are going to bring back the purple from the 90s for a few games in 2014-2015, which begs a very important Pistons-fashion-related question.

Drummond's career high 26 rebounds leads Pistons


The Pistons ended their four-game losing streaking and they have Andre Drummond to thank for that.

Who would be on your Pistons Mount Rushmore?


LeBron James said he would belong on a hypothetical NBA Mount Rushmore by the time he's done with his career, which naturally got me to thinking -- who would go on the Detroit Pistons' Mount Rushmore?

Sixers Lose By 40+ Again, Really


So here's a recap of the Sixers' latest 40-point loss.

Magic to honor Gabriel, Turner, Vincent on Friday

Jeff Turner and Sam Vincent played on the inaugural Magic team, while John Gabriel is arguably Orlando's most successful general manager.

Surgeons re-construct Lopez foot to prevent injury


The word "reconstruct" isn't used in the Nets update on Brook Lopez's surgery but the implication is clear from what team orthopedist reports: Surgeons "repositioned" a bone in Lopez's foot so an...

Nov. 4, 1994: Grant Hill makes his Pistons debut

Hill was spectacular from the start, scoring 25 points with 10 rebounds, five assists and three steals. And, of course, the Pistons lost.

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