Sam Cassell

Washington Wizards Assistant

  • Born: 11/18/69
  • Age: 44
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 193
  • Seasons: 15

Report: Clippers want Cassell?


According to Yahoo, the LA Clippers are trying to hire assistant coach Sam Cassell away from Washington.

Wiz hold on for 85-83 win


The Wizards' scorching first quarter was enough to overcome three sloppy ones and give them a 85-83 victory over the Miami Heat, their third straight Summer League.

Livingston not surprised by Sterling comments


Shaun Livingston was with the Clippers when Donald Sterling brought women in to the locker room to admire 'those beautiful black bodies.' was there when Sterling was sued for housing bias against...

NBA fines Jameer Nelson for "obscene gesture"

After hitting a crucial basket in Orlando's loss to Chicago on Wednesday, the Magic point guard celebrated with a dance the NBA found objectionable.

Jameer Nelson pays homage to Sam Cassell


Big shot, big balls.

Blatche fined $15,000 for "obscene gesture"


Andray Blatche will make nearly $10 million this season from amnesty payments and salary. But he'll have to pay $15,000 of thatl to the NBA, which fined him Saturday for an "obscene gesture" made...

Six degrees of Kevin Garnett


So you've heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon right? Here's a database that plays that game for you, except that it does it with sports figures. Just type in two names and see how they are...

Cassell challenges Singleton, Vesely


The Wizards' Summer League coach said he expects more from the two most experienced players on the team.

Your Wizards-Knicks game thread


Use this space to discuss the Wizards' second Summer League game.

Wizards want Porter to be more assertive


Otto Porter did not shoot or play especially well in his Summer League debut, and afterwards, coach Sam Cassell said that he wants to see Porter play more aggressively.


Belinelli fined $15,000 for "Sam Cassell Dance"

Bulls shooting guard Marco Belinelli may have enjoyed celebrating a big three during Game 7 with the "Sam Cassell Dance," but the move will cost him $15,000.


The onions belong to Marco

Big shot, know...

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