Etan Thomas

Atlanta Hawks #36 - Center

  • Born: 04/01/78
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6-10
  • Weight: 260

Links: Is John Wall on the outside looking in for Team USA in 2016?


Is Washington Wizards star John Wall a favorite to make Team USA in 2016? Links to coverage of the Wizards and NBA offseason.

Etan Thomas On NCAA Hypocrisy: The Case Of Former Syracuse Player Nichole Oliver


While critiques of NCAA hypocrisy are normally reserved for football and men's basketball, Etan Thomas turns his attention to his then-girlfriend-now-wife and former Syracuse women's basketball...

Links: Washington Wizards end season with rout of Miami Heat


The Washington Wizards capped off their season with a 104-70 thumping of the Miami Heat and extended their winning streak to six games. Concerned only with the playoffs, the Heat sat the Big Three.

Wizards vs. Cavaliers Recap: Strange Emotions as Wizards Vanquish Cavs 96-85


It is fair to say that one of things that isn't valued very highly on BulletsForever is the dissection of body language. After all, Brendan Haywood always had terrible body language, but the stats...

Atlanta Hawks Roster: Players With Non-Guaranteed Contracts Await Fate


Peachtree Hoops takes a look at the Atlanta Hawks' roster situation with Tuesday being decision day on three players with non-guaranteed contracts.

The Ballad Of Ricky-Bobby Returns! Now With 100% More Z.W.: Talking NBA Lockout


The Ballad of Ricky and Bobby makes its glorious return. Z.W. is now included. Read them harp on the NBA lockout.

Etan Thomas Likely Headed To Spain Next Season


Etan Thomas looks like he may be the second former Hawks player that could be headed overseas to play next season.

Etan Thomas Nearing Deal To Play In Spain


No word on the specific club just yet. However it'll be nice to add Spain to the Ottoman Empire. We were missing some coverage on the Iberian Peninsula.

2011 Atlanta Hawks Player Review: Etan Thomas


Peachtree Hoops takes a closer look at Etan Thomas' season with the Atlanta Hawks

Not In The NBA Playoffs? May As Well Hit The White House Correspondents Dinner


The White House Correspondents Dinner, where President Obama has to share top billing with Donald Trump, Carmelo Anthony and John Wall.

NBA Playbook: Atlanta's Strategy For Dwight Howard


NBA Playbook's Sebastian Pruiti breaks down the Atlanta Hawks game one defensive strategy against Dwight Howard.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Model: So Easy a Gnome Could Do It


The Oklahoma City Thunder Model: So Easy a Gnome Could Do It

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