Scot Pollard

Boston Celtics #66 - Center

  • Born: 02/12/75
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-11
  • Weight: 278

Shaq took over the Kings' twitter feed


Shaq took over the official twitter feed of the Sacramento Kings during the third quarter of Monday's game. We bring you the highlights.

Kings give community assist with charity programs


As the 2013-14 season begins, the Kings are ramping up their charitable activities.

Top Grooming Moment In Sacramento Kings History: 'Braid' Miller


This is a sponsored post. -- TZ The Sacramento Kings have been blessed with hilariously unfashionable stars over the years. From Jason Williams' P.W.T. chic to Ron Artest's outlandish etchings to K...

Ranking the Top 50 Sacramento Kings, Pick No. 26


Nobody Expects The Yeti. We're officially halfway through the Top 50 Sacramento Kings of All-Time, and you have voted Beno Udrih at No. 25.  I'm a tad surprised myself, but I guess everyone has...

Ranking the Top 50 Sacramento Kings, Pick No. 25


Goofiness Incarnate Scot Pollard is your 24th Greatest Sacramento King of All-Time.  There has never been a wackier guy than Scot on our teams, and he truly looked like he enjoyed being here...

Big 12 NBA Draft History: With the 19th Overall Pick...


Reviewing Big 12 NBA Draft history, one pick at a time

Goodbye, Shaq


Shaq is retiring, leaving a legacy of breaking the Sacramento Kings' hearts.

Here We Rally at Cesar Chavez Park Today!


Today from 5-8 PM, the city of Sacramento, in conjunction with the NBA and the Kings, will be holding a big rally in downtown Sacramento at Cesar Chavez Park.  Former Sacramento Kings greats Doug...

Bill Walton Is Still The Greatest, And You Kids Shouldn't Do Drugs


"Hey kids, do drugs." Err... Just kidding. Years later, we find out it was all a joke by Scot Pollard gone horribly awry. So, no. Don't do drugs.  Smoking the dope won't help you cope. Didn't you...

Little Things Piling Up for Kansas Hoops


On the heels of Brady Morningstar's DWI and the much talked about Kansas hoops-football feuding comes the latest strange off-the-court bit of news. ↵ ↵Former Jayhawks star Scot Pollard sold a...

And Here Comes Brian Scalabrine?

It is still too early to tell whether or not Kendrick Perkins will play on Sunday. But even if he does how much should the Celtics expect from him? Basketball, particularly the way Perk plays it,...

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