Eddie Jones

Indiana Pacers #0 - Guard

  • Born: 10/20/71
  • Age: 42
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 200

Twelve Days of Grizzmas: Who's your favorite #6?


Every day until Christmas we'll be taking a look at past and present players that donned the most popular jersey numerals for the Grizzlies (Vancouver and Memphis). Vote for your favorite player...

Heat Player Countdown: 10. PJ


Chapter 59 of our offseason-long odyssey sees HHH review three-time All-NBA Defensive Second Team, PJ Brown.

Heat Player Countdown: Anthony Mason & James Posey


In today's narrative road trip to the Miami Heat's Hall of Heroes, we recap forwards Anthony Mason and James Posey.

Miami Heat Player Countdown: Part III


Today, we run down five more players in the pantheon of Miami's all-time roster. Say hello to Mark Davis, LeRon Ellis, Scott Haffner, Tim James, and Sam Mack.

Heat defeat Pistons for fourth consecutive win


LeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 52 points to get he Heat another home victory before they leave town for a four-game road trip. Greg Monroe scored 31 points but didn't get enough help to...

Player Profile: Mike Miller

Over the course of the Miami Heat's training camp, Hot Hot Hoops will give player profiles for all Heat players. Now up is a man who is permanently etched in Miami Heat lore for his 3-point display...

Remember This Guy: Sharone Wright


1000 words on Sharone Wright.

Phoenix Suns Front Office Speaks! John Treloar Drop Nuggets On SG Prospects


While nothing in the article says the Suns are definitely taking a shooting guard with their #13 pick, it certainly seems that they are interested in doing so.

Why Kobe Bryant is NOT the Reason the Thunder are in Oklahoma City


I know the premise of this article seems kind of silly, but it's a direct response to another article from The Lost Ogle. I wanted to throw out this article to set the record straight on one of the...

IC Cold Links: Recappin' Pacers Win Over Mavs


Here are some items of interest following the Pacers W: Kevin Lee's report includes post-game audio from Jim O'Brien (track 3). Mike Wells digs into the lineup shuffling Jim O'Brien has been...

Monday Night Roundup


A lot of us were disappointed after the draft when Dallas didn't buy their way into the first round as Cuban suggested they might after the Kidd trade was made.  In some ways they accomplished the...

No Eddie Jones Sighting At The Airport


When I arrived back home again in Indy this afternoon 3:00PM, I couldn't help wondering if Eddie Jones was in the vicinity since he was supposed to report to the Pacers by 5:00PM Sunday night. A...

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