Kevin Willis

Dallas Mavericks #0 - Center

  • Born: 09/06/62
  • Age: 51
  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

More milestones as KG approaches career's end


Kevin Garnett's contract runs out at the end of this season. He has already achieved enough to be considered among the greatest power forwards, indeed among the greatest players, in NBA history....

NBA TV Special: 1984 NBA Draft Thread

NBA TV is doing a special on the 1984 Draft

Drummond's career high 26 rebounds leads Pistons


The Pistons ended their four-game losing streaking and they have Andre Drummond to thank for that.

Who should be on the Hawks' Mount Rushmore?


There has been a lot of talk in the league recently about who should be on the NBA's Mount Rushmore. That got us thinking, who would be the four most influential people in the History of the Hawks...

Heat Player Countdown: 6. The Bug


In Chapter 63 of our offseason long countdown of every HEAT player ever, we go over the career contributions of five-time all-star, ball-handling and sharp-shooting wizard Tim Hardaway.

Heat Player Countdown: 9. Grant Long


Original member of the HEAT, and a warrior on the court, 15-year veteran Grant Long.

Heat Countdown: 16. Bimbo


Today, we take a look at point guard and resident spark-plug Bimbo Coles.

Miami Heat Player Countdown: Chapter 36


Join us again today as we continue to climb the ladder towards number one. Today, Jason Kapono, Willie Burton, and Kevin Willis.

What if Atlanta hadn't traded Nique?


In the second installment of SB Nation NBA's theme day Peachtree Hoops discusses "what ifs" or what moments in Atlanta Hawks' history turned out to be pivotal.

Since when does Rudy Gay have 'Kevin Willis arms'?


The referees gifted the San Antonio Spurs a win over the Grizzlies.

Former Hawk Tracy McGrady Signs in China


Tracy McGrady who was a valuable player off the bench for the Hawks last year announces that he is signing in China.

Atlanta Hawks: Best. Trade. Ever.


Peachtree Hoops joins the rest of SB Nation NBA by looking at the Atlanta Hawks' best trade(s) ever -- two deals that helped build a successful successor to the Dominique Wilkins teams of the late...

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