Dan Grunfeld

New York Knicks #9 - Guard

  • Born: 02/09/84
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 215

Why NBA Players Flop, And What The League Can Do About It

Right? Wrong? Fair? Foul? Whatever it is, flopping has been more prevalent than ever during the current NBA season, so Dan Grunfeld examines the controversial act, in all of its morally ambiguous glory.

The Weirdest All-Star Snub Story You've Ever Heard

In the spirit of NBA All-Star Weekend, Dan Grunfeld recounts his own All-Star snub story, a tale with a surprise ending as twisty as a Kosher pretzel. You'll see why that reference is relevant.

The Amateur Mathematics Of Linsanity

As Jeremy Lin takes over the basketball world, Dan Grunfeld examines the phenomenon from a player's perspective. Warning: calculators not included.

Brandon Roy's Retirement And Why Basketball Can Be A Fickle Friend

Last week, Brandon Roy announced his retirement from the NBA at the age of 27 due to medical reasons. As someone who has seen Roy's immense talent first-hand, Dan Grunfeld expresses what makes this turn of fortune so sad.

The Amazing True Story Of A Once-In-A-Lifetime Buzzer Beater

Sometimes, the stars align and make for a truly unbelievable moment on the court. Dan Grunfeld shares the story of the greatest night of his basketball life.

Pro Basketball In Europe, Where NBA Luxuries Get Lost In Translation

NBA players crossing the ocean to play during the lockout are about to experience an accomodation downgrade. Here's a glimpse of life on the road from someone who knows.

Hey, what's Dan Grunfeld up to these days?

(Photo: M.A. Santos) The other night my girlfriend asked, "Hey, whatever happened to that white guy from training camp who was so excited to be on YouTube?". Good question. I hadn't really...

Houston, Grunfeld Waived

We all knew it was coming. Now the deed is done. Knick great Allan Houston and relative unknown Dan Grunfeld were cut from the Knicks, dropping the roster down to 16. Houston will likely assume...


Knicks sign two

In a move that could be considered the second most intriguing acquisition of a rookie son of an ex-Knick player in weeks, the Knicks announced that they've signed Dan Grunfeld to help fill out the...

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