Latrell Sprewell

New York Knicks #0

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Root for the Thunder, become a better person


When your team wins, you are an empirically better person. But you don't want to be an obvious frontrunner. The Thunder are giving you a chance, here.

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Donte Whitner & Ted Ginn Jr. go back to Cleveland


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Thunder and Barkley on TNT + WE BELIEVE Retrospect


The Warriors square off against the OKC Thunder on TNT Thursday Night NBA. Remembering Charles Barkley's role in WE BELIEVE.

P.J. - Prokhorov Is "Perfect NBA owner"


In an interview on the YES Network, P.J. Carlesimo says the last question Mikhail Prokhorov asks about any player the Nets are considering is this: "Is he gonna be a good piece on us winning a...

Dubs Golden Links, All-Star twist


David Lee became the first Warrior to make the All-Star game since Latrell Sprewell and his second appearance as an NBA player. Unfortunately, Stephen Curry was snubbed.

Tough Schedule Behind Them (!), Nets Face Knicks


After the Heat, which team has had the toughest schedule this season? It's the Nets, says a league source. The Nets in fact have played teams with a .502 record in the first half of the season. The...

P.J. on everything from Latrell to Mikhail


In a lengthy interview, P.J. Carlesimo talks about himself, his career and why he should be the Nets coach, sprinking his answers with reminiscences of everyone from family friend Vince Lombardi to...

P.J.'s Last Chance at a Title


Ian O'Connor compares P.J. Carlesimo to Joe Torre who failed at managing three teams before he succeeded with the Yankees. P.J. has been fired by the Blazers, Warriors and Thunder. He says he...

After ONE Practice, Nets Appreciate New Boss


After the Nets worse loss of the season, P. J. Carlesimo put the Nets through a tough, but productive hour long practice on New Year's Day. Carlesimo was "forward," said Joe Johnson. It's part of...

Kevin Love Is Back In Full Fantasy Force


Kevin Love is back and the fantasy owners who drafted him should be licking their chops as the leader of the T'Wolves looks to chew up and spit out the competition this season.

Vince Carter returning to the Raptors?


Guest correspondent Steven LeBron talks Vince Carter and the Raptors, and how the two will always be linked regardless of VC's rumoured desire to return to Toronto goes unfulfilled.

The Hunger Games (Insert Chuck Hayes Joke Here)

Jimmer Fredette competes in the NBA's Hunger Games

Never Forget Latrell Sprewell


Everyone remembers the choking incident that terrified middle America at the turn of the century, but remember how awesome he was in the '99 playoffs?

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