Maurice Lucas

Portland Trail Blazers #0 - Assistant

  • Born: 02/18/52
  • Age: 62
  • Height: 6-9
  • Weight: 215

Boston Celtics Daily Links 6/28/14


All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

Jack Ramsay and Rick Adelman


In this Videocast, Dave and Sam reflect on the impact of Jack Ramsay and Rick Adelman as they shaped Oregon's basketball culture.

Greatest of All-Time: 1987 Seattle Supersonics


Xavier McDaniel, Dale Ellis, and Tom Chambers led the team to a deep run in the playoffs that no one expected. Edited by Tiffany Villigan

Do We Remember What Greatness Looks Like?


Dave Deckard of wonders whether Portland Trail Blazers fans remember what real greatness looks like or whether the franchise has lost something it'll have a hard time retrieving.

Jack Ramsay's Legacy in Portland


As Dr. Jack Ramsay bows out of this year's NBA playoffs, and perhaps his career, due to illness Blazer's Edge reflects on his irreplaceable legacy to Portland basketball.

Rising Ticket Prices and the Arena Experience


With a preview of tonight's Jazz-Blazers game all but unnecessary, Dave opts to tackle one of the more controversial Mailbag subjects of the day: rising ticket prices and the quality of the arena...

The Dozen Most Influential Trail Blazers: 1st-5th


The rundown of the Top 5 most influential Trail Blazers players in history...with a small surprise at the top!

Battle of the Epic Teams


Vote now to determine which Portland Trail Blazers team was the best of all time: 1977-78 or 1990-91?

History of the Blazers, 1987: The Rise of Clyde


The ongoing history of the Portland Trail Blazers. This installment covers the summer of 1986 through the spring of 1989, chronicling the ascension of Clyde Drexler and the maelstrom that whirled...

History of the Blazers, 1978: Walton Goes Down


The continuing history of the Portland Trail Blazers from the perspective of a writer who lived through it. Today we recap a 1977-78 season filled with unimaginable highs and a crashing low, ending...

History of the Blazers, 1977: The Championship


The History of the Portland Trail Blazers: The Championship Year A look back at the only title for the franchise. Part of an ongoing series of historical reflections.

Early Press Conference Recap


A brief recap of the Portland Trail Blazers press conference covering center Greg Oden's impending microfracture surgery. The conference was held at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, November...

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