Paul Westphal

Sacramento Kings #0 - Head Coach

  • Born: 11/30/50
  • Age: 63
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 195

Looking Back at Coach George Karl


A close look at all the men who have roamed the sidelines in Seattle. Part V examines the coaching career of the man who holds the team record for both wins and winning percentage.

Remember When the Sonics Considered Phil Jackson?


Back in 1998, the Seattle SuperSonics fired George Karl. Looking to find a replacement, the team considered trying to bring over the man who would be the greatest coach in NBA history.

Greatest of All-Time: The 1980 Seattle Supersonics


Over the next few weeks SonicsRising will be running reviews of the 22 Seattle Supersonics teams that made the playoffs. This installment focuses on the 1980 Sonics.

Making my peace with Keith Smart

As the season begins to wind down, I've made my peace with Keith Smart. I still hate his lineup choices, but I've come to terms with him. All things considered, he could have been a lot worse.


Basketball Hall of Fame announces finalists

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame will announce the finalists who could be inducted as members of the 2013 class.

Two quick notes on DeMarcus Cousins


First, when I was looking back at the year that was, I was reminded that this isn't the first time the Celtics have called the Kings about Cousins.

Why I feel bad for Keith Smart


DeMarcus Cousins' indefinite suspension lasted two days slash one game. Keith Smart is at a loss to explain it. Which indicates to me that he can't. That's a problem.

What's next for DeMarcus?

DeMarcus Cousins' final ally has flipped, and it's time to change or be left behind.

Revisiting The Kings' Offensive Performance In 2011-12


We begin to break down the Kings' 2011-12 offensive performance, or lack thereof.

Fool Me Once

The Kings organization is using the same talking points as they prematurely extend yet another head coach.

Kings Extend Keith Smart, And The Record's Officially Broken

The Kings again extended a head coach with a losing record.

Keith Smart Has a Lot of Work to Do to Remain the Kings' Head Coach


When Paul Westphal was abruptly fired as Head Coach of the Sacramento Kings, it was largely because he had lost the team, and particularly, its best player, DeMarcus Cousins. Westphal essentially...

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