Brian Shaw

Denver Nuggets Head Coach

  • Born: 03/22/66
  • Age: 48
  • Height: 6-6
  • Seasons: 6

Brian Shaw Rebounds


Why the Denver Nuggets sophomore coach could be doing big things in his second campaign

Afflalo and the Placebo Effect


Can a change of perspective fix what ails the Denver Nuggets?

The Gifts That Keep On Giving


No, it's not Christmas in July, but it's time to wish a few gifts/upgrades for your Denver Nuggets.

2014 Draft: Getting to know Jabari Brown


The Nuggets worked out two shooting guards yesterday, here is our interview with Jabari Brown out of Missouri - who the Nuggets could target in the second-round.

Kroenke: Shaw is staying


Team President and Governor Josh Kroenke gives a short, but definitive statement about the status of coach Brian Shaw. He's going nowhere.

GN: Two articles of interest in the NBA


Mark Cuban has some thoughts on prejudice and Donald Sterling. Also, Brian Shaw to New York rumors just will not go away.


Who will represent the teams at the lottery?

Family, owners and former NBA greats will dot the stage during Tuesday's NBA Draft lottery selection.

CSG #170: NBA coaching carousel keeps going around


Nate and Jeff talk Mark Jackson's recent firing from the Golden State Warriors. What this means for other coaching candidate prospects. We also talk about the Nuggets draft and what they should do.

A Season Bucking for Four Quarters


Digging into a few numbers in a lost and barely-complete Denver Nuggets season. A plea from a closet data geek.

ESPN panel assesses Magic's owner, GM, coach

Here's how Orlando fared in the Worldwide Leader's first #NBAfrontofficerank.

Coach calls Faried, Lawson "cornerstones"


Are we beginning to see a plan unfold from the Denver Nuggets?

Do the Nuggets go as Lawson goes?


Is it difficult to pinpoint success when a team is 32-41, but let's take a look at how the Nuggets have faired when their starting point guard plays well and not so well.

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