Renardo Sidney Fight: Mississippi State Suspends Sidney, Elgin Bailey Indefinitely

Renardo Sidney fought with a teammate in the stands on Thursday night, and the school has decided to suspend him indefinitely, calling his future with the program into doubt.

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Renardo Sidney Fight: Sidney Apologizes For Fight In Statement

Renardo Sidney has issued a statement apologizing for being a part of a fight with a Mississippi State teammate in the stands between games at the Diamond Head Classic on Thursday night. Via Brandon Marcello of the Clarion-Ledger:

I'm very sorry for this incident. I had no intention of this ever happening ... I apologize for embarrassing my family, all the Mississippi State fans, my teammates and coaches ... I will learn from this and move on." 

Sidney and teammate Elgin Bailey have been suspended indefinitely for their actions by the school. Athletic Director Steve Stricklin announced the suspensions on his Twitter account, saying that the length of the suspensions will be determined by their "attitude going forward." Coach Rick Stansbury released a statement saying he's never seen something like this happen before.

In my 13 years as a head coach, we've never had anything like this happen before. I am very disappointed in the actions of Elgin Bailey and Renardo Sidney and in no way does it reflect the overall picture of our program. It is not how we want our men's basketball team to be viewed nationally, and it is certainly not the conduct we expect of teammates in our program, nor will it be tolerated on any level."    

Bailey is expected to release a statement later Friday. It remains unclear how the fight began, but Sidney's teammates have defended him on Twitter, suggesting that he wasn't the one who instigated the altercation. 


Renardo Sidney Fight: Teammates Come To Sidney's Defense, Say He Didn't Start Fight

Considering the tumultuous career Renardo Sidney has had at Mississippi State, it's easy to see why the blame fell squarely on his shoulders after he was caught by ESPN cameras fighting with teammate Elgin Bailey in the stands at the Diamond Head Classic. Sidney appeared to be the aggressor, swinging wildly after Bailey had fallen to the ground. But what if Sidney didn't start the fight?

Mississippi State point guard Dee Bost came to Sidney's defense on Twitter shortly after the fight, lending some insight into what happened in the stands. In an exchange with ESPN's Doug Gottlieb, Bost had this to say:

@GottliebShow I would think they wld try 2 stp it faster It's just bad that renardo has to go through this. Teammates say he didn't start itless than a minute ago via Echofon

Whether or not Sidney started the fight, he definitely ended it. Add in that Sidney was just suspended for an outburst at practice, missing the first game of the Diamond Head Classic, and it looks bad, no matter who started the fight.

Both Sidney and Bailey have been suspended indefinitely by MSU, pending the results of an investigation into the fight. The Bulldogs still have one game left in Hawaii, but both players are being sent home on separate flights, as well.

For the latest on the fight, and the aftermath, stay tuned to our StoryStream.


Renardo Sidney Fight: Mississippi State Suspends Sidney And Elgin Bailey 'Indefinitely'

Mississippi State has taken less than 24 hours to respond to troubled prospect Renardo Sidney fighting with teammate Elgin Bailey in the stands between games at the Diamond Head Classic on Thursday night. The school has decided to suspend both players indefinitely, according to Gary Parrish of CBS Sports.

Mississippi State has announced that Renardo Sidney and Elgin Bailey have been suspended indefinitely for their Thursday night fight.    

The two players began exchanging blows between games, and were captured on video here. Late last night, Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin called the act "disappointing" and "not how we want our school represented," but said the school was still gathering information. Coach Rick Stansbury declined to comment when asked because he did not know all the facts.

It's not clear when or if Sidney and Bailey will return to the court.

The incident is the latest in a series of mishaps for Sidney in his tumultuous Mississippi State career. He was suspended for all of last season and the beginning of this season for improper benefits, then was suspended for one game after getting into an altercation at practice. It's worth wondering whether this means his Mississippi State career is over. 


Renardo Sidney Fight: Mississippi State Still Gathering Facts On Crowd Incident

It's been a troubling couple years for Renardo Sidney, and it's about to get a whole lot worse. The troubled 20-year old Mississippi State player missed his entire freshman year as the NCAA investigated his amateur status, missed nine games because of illegal benefits and was suspended for one game earlier this season for an incident that occurred in practice.

But this may be the nail in Sidney's coffin. Cameras caught him fighting with teammate Elgin Bailey in the stands between games at the Diamond Head Classic. Here's video:


It's not yet clear what Sidney's future with Mississippi State will be. Coach Rick Stansbury told the Associated Press that he will not comment until he learns all the facts. Athletic Director Scott Stricklin was a little more forthcoming.

"It's disappointing. Still gathering information, but it's not how we want our school represented."    

It remains to be seen whether this was indeed the last straw in a topsy-turvy college career for Sidney.

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