College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon: Drexel vs. Rider

6:11 – The Dragons are one of the favorites to win the Colonial, while Rider is 0-2 and just lost to Robert Morris by 26. But it’s like the old saying goes, “you can throw the records out the window when the game tips off at 6 a.m.”

Maybe not completely. Drexel by 21.

6:19 - They've got the noir lighting on full effect inside Rider's Alumni Gymnasium. Or maybe it's just impossible for lights to hit their brightness capacity when Doug Gottlieb's in the building. It's 6-6 here early on.

6:21 - Gottlieb takes a quick shot at the Rainbow Warrior faithful for their lack of attendance at the previous game. 'Bow Nation is about to go off.

6:24 - The Katz/Gottlieb experiment is predictably awful. Basically, no one is doing play-by-play. Do I expect more from a Rider/Drexel game being played at six in the morning? You know what, I absolutely do.

6:30 - You know those blown up photos of the victims of the people Dexter's about to kill that he posts on the walls of his kill room? Where does he get those done? I can only assume that he's not printing them out himself. I mean, he already seems to be totally unaccounted for at least 3-4 hours every day, and those things are a fairly significant time commitment. I used to have to print similarly sized photos all the time when I worked for Bellarmine University's PR department my junior year of college, and even when I had a complete handle on what I was doing that shit was a pain in the ass. And you know he's not going to Kinko's. Unless he's done some sort of extreme Dexter research to determine that one of the employees is extremely trustworthy and would never ask questions and/or pay mind to the actual material he or she develops. Still, that seems highly unlikely.

They should do an episode that consists solely of an explanation for the question laid out above. Most people would be really pissed, but I wouldn't. Satisfied and thankful is what I'd be.

Drexel on top 15-14.

6:31 - GOTTLIEB BONUS FEATURE EXPLANATION! Who had the 8:09 mark? That's explanation nine of the marathon so far.

6:38 - Easily the most competitive first 14 minutes of a game so far. Nine lead changes and six ties already. We're all square at 18 for the moment.

6:42 - Rider on a 10-0 run to open up a 26-18 lead. Bronco Nation is loud. Also, kudos to the many Drexel fans who made the trip. You're insane, but you deserve the aforementioned kudos.

6:52 - Not the highest quality of play, but terrific effort from both teams. It's 28 all at halftime. Neither team has a double-figure scorer.

7:14 - Drexel on a 17-1 run dating back to the first half. They lead 37-29. Samme Givens has really come alive and leads all scorers with 13.

7:36 - Givens is bigger than anyone Rider can boast and Drexel is feeding him on every trip. Bruiser Flint's coaching genius knows no bounds. Samme's got 19 and the Dragons lead 52-40.

7:39 - Bonus feature explanation No. 2 of the game, No. 10 of the marathon. Gottlieb is halfway to Mark Adams' record of four explanations. Drexel continuing to pull away. Givens has 13 in the half and 21 for the game. Dragons up 56-40.

7:42 - Rider scores for the first time in approximately 20 minutes to cut the lead to 16, at which point Gottlieb says they "just continue to hang around." These guys could not want to get out of Alumni Gymnasium more.

7:46 - It's a pretty simple game at this point; Drexel is just bigger than Rider is, and they're dominating the game inside. It's like a team of 5th graders vs. a team of 3rd graders. Dragons up 60-44.

7:48 - Some sort of animal just got into the house, I think through the chimney. It sounds suspiciously like a raptor. That last line was a half joke (it really does kind of sound like a raptor), but I'm legitimately concerned right now.

7:51 - Rider answers back with a 10-0 run of their own to cut the lead to 60-50. We're approaching the 8 a.m. mark, which means I've already been awake for almost 25 hours straight. It's showing.

7:55 - What is a horse shoe? What does a horse shoe do? Are there any horse socks? Is anybody listening to me?

7:58 - SINGLE DIGIT GAME. Tip of the cap to the kids from Rider for battling like this. Side note: what is the deal with this "Bonus" thing I'm seeing on the in-game scoreboard?

8:00 - Drexel answers the bell and scores six straight to push the lead back to 15 with three minutes to go. This would appear to be the end for the hosts from the MAAC.

8:10 - 'Tis a final: Drexel 80, Rider 62. Samme Givens and Frantz Massenat led the way with 21 apiece.

Game Rating: 3.5

Teams played hard...but yeah.

Prediction Result: 4-0

I'm like the German octopus from the World Cup

Consumption: Nothing

Wanted to hold out on breakfast until 8, and I have done that.

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