College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon: College of Charleston vs. Morehead State

8:08 – It’s hard to see this one on paper and not wish that Kenneth Faried and Andre Goudelock were still around.

Sadly, Morehead returned just five players from the squad that shocked Louisville in the NCAA Tournament, and they lost to NC State by 30 in their season-opener. The Cougars lost Goudelock and their other top two scorers, but still managed to handle Holy Cross by nine in their opener. Antwaine Wiggins has the potential to be a star, though, and I’m not sure Morehead has an answer for him.

Going with the Fighting Bobby Creminses by 10.

8:20 - Charleston wins the lamest crowd of the marathon so far award. "What? I'm not waking up for that, bro."

I've spent a little time in Charleston and there's no amount of money I wouldn't bet that the quoted response above was given verbatim at least once.

8:24 - It's 18-8 Charleston at the under 12. Also, I love Stephen Bardo.

8:31 - Quite sloppy right now. Charleston will be one of the biggest teams in the SoCon and they're dwarfing Morehead right now. They've also knocked down 5-of-9 from beyond the arc. 23-12, Cougs.

8:36 - Donnie Tyndall needs to tell his guys that if you keep refusing to guard them, they're going to keep making shots. Charleston's 8-of-12 from three and the bulk of those have been uncontested. Cougars lead is now 32-14.

8:39 - Charleston with the alley-oop on the break and it's 36-14. Morehead doesn't have the offensive firepower to make up a bunch of points in any sort of hurry. This one could stay ugly.

8:43 - Breakfast decision time. Toast?







8:50 - Charleston gets a little complacent after the dunk and gets away from the shot selection that built its lead. Morehead takes advantage and gets the margin back down to 14.

8:51 - Morehead ends the half on an 11-1 run, but Charleston still leads by a dozen (37-25) at intermission.

9:09 - We're two minutes into the second half and I have not heard one bonus feature explanation. I fear for Stephen Bardo's safety right now.

9:11 - I feel like I was lied to when D2: The Mighty Ducks made it seem like Trinidad & Tobago was a hockey-playing country. But at the same time, there's no way I would have known that nation existed had it not been for that film. Also, I don't understand how both the United States and Iceland had one loss but still played in a winner-take-all championship game. Julie was hot.

Charleston leads 43-29.

9:34 - Morehead continues to hang around, but hasn't been able to get any closer than ten yet. Drew Kelly, one of the only Eagles with size, also just fouled out. Charleston leads it 54-42 with nine minutes to go.

9:47 - Charleston lead is back up to 19 at the under four timeout. Jordan Scott has 19 points and Antwaine Wiggins has 17. There is absolutely nothing else of any significance to mention.

9:55 - It's a final (thank God): Charleston 72, Morehead State 57.

Game Rating: 2

That was bad. Charleston raced out to a big lead in front of a largely apathetic crowd and never let Morehead get within striking distance.

Prediction Result: 5-0

Gets a bit tougher from here on out

Consumption: 1 cup coffee, two pieces toast

Made the last second decision to ditch the cereal. Sorry, Crems.

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