College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon: No. 12 Baylor vs. San Diego State

2:13 – Everyone thinks Baylor is overrated every year, and they’re eventually proven right more times than not. Still, the 12th-ranked team in the country might not get much of a test from an Aztec squad that is in rebuilding mode after losing most of the team that was ranked in the top five for a large chunk of last season.

The Bears come into the game 2-0 and San Diego State is unbeaten through three contests, but neither team has played anyone of any merit.

Baylor wins by 11.

2:26 - Atmosphere in Waco is less than stellar. Baylor up 8-7 early.

2:27 - Stomach could not be hurting more. Am I dying?

2:35 - Second nerd rope has been consumed. Also, SDSU leads Baylor 16-13 in a sloppy game for both sides. It's worth noting that Bears star Perry Jones is still in the middle of serving a six-game suspension handed out by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits.

2:47 - There's a reason why no one goes beyond the words "talent" or "talented" when praising Baylor. Scott Drew has top five talent and a team that has no idea how to play together right now. San Diego State up 23-21.

2:50 - I thought I heard One Republic's "Good Life" too many times on an iPod-less drive to Michigan in September, but this Disney World commercial has taken repetitive to another level. New low, Disney. Well, not really, but, you know, still not cool.

2:57 - The Thanksgiving-haters who think it's OK to start celebrating Christmas anytime after Halloween have somehow gotten ten times worse this year. I just want to go ahead and voice my displeasure publicly while I have a forum. I move my shoulders just like the rest of the world whenever I hear "Feliz Navidad," but I keep Jose Feliciano in the corner until I'm done watching the Lions getting their asses handed to them while avoiding my family. It's a respect thing.

2:59 - San Diego State converts a three-point play with 2.5 seconds left in the half to cut Baylor's lead to two. Bears lead it 32-30 at the break. Ugly game all around.

3:09 - Of course Coach K had to explain to Duke players why it's better to hit someone with a fist than an open hand.

3:12 - Andy Katz is the kid who could never keep himself from doing the total fake voice during class presentations, and never changed because his grades were always good enough. The result is his his painful halftime video voiceovers.

3:21 - For 30 seconds, Baylor/San Diego State looked more like a dodgeball game than a basketball game. Zero exaggeration there. This has been quite repulsive at times. Tied at 32 early in the second half.

3:25 - Brent Musberger could not be putting less effort into this game. I don't blame him as much as I usually would. Baylor leads 34-32 at the under 16.

3:35 - Baylor starting to assert itself inside. Their superior athleticism is undeniably apparent, as it will be in nearly every game they play this season. It makes the things they do with the ball that much more difficult to watch. Bears up 43-34 and have a chance to really pull away here.

3:42 - The cover art for the book that will inevitably be written about today's events:


Baylor 48, SDSU 37 with 12:14 left.

3:48 - Baylor really flexing its muscles now. The Quincys (Miller and Acy) and Brady Heslip are all in double figures as the Bears have extended the lead to 53-39.

3:57 - Bears predictably fall back asleep and SDSU goes on an 8-0 run to cut the lead to eight. Everyone knows Baylor's going to win, but everyone also knows they're not going to win by as much as they should.

4:05 - SDSU's Chase Tapley leads all scorers with 22, but the Aztecs still trail 66-55 with a little under three minutes to play.

4:16 - Clock finally hits zero with Baylor on top 77-67. Tapley is your leading scorer with 28 points in a losing effort.

Game Rating: 4

Everyone who follows college basketball in at least a minor capacity could have predicted exactly how that one would go.

Prediction Result: 7-1

Hating myself for believing in WVU right now.

Consumption: 1 order Dominos cheesy bread (the rest), 1 nerd rope, 2 cough drops

Cough's back. Send cards.

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