College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon: Texas vs. Rhode Island

4:00 - Texas would appear to be the superior team here, but perhaps the bigger draw is Rhode Island’s Jamal Wilson. After netting just 172 total points in his first three seasons at URI, Wilson exploded for 38 in the Rams’ season-opening 92-90 loss to George Mason. That performance leaves him as the nation’s current leader in scoring.

Texas has its own big number guy in J’Covan Brown, who dropped 28 points and eight assists in the Horns’ blowout victory over Boston. Both teams are largely inexperienced, but it’ll be a surprise if UT doesn’t take care of business.

Longhorns win by 16.

4:01 – Also worth noting that the Louisville and Texas A&M women’s teams are playing on ESPNU. U of L’s Shoni Schimmel is basically a female Jimmer Fredette and worth checking out for at least a couple of minutes.

4:08 - Except Schimmel's not playing because of an NCAA suspension. My B.

4:23 - I love Tom Penders. That is my foremost thought regarding this contest.

Texas leads early, 16-8.

4:24 - Also underway: Manhattan and Brown are tied at 19. I know you don't care about that, but what if I said they were tied at 213? Yeah, but what if they were? You'd be singing a different tune then.

Where am I?

4:33 - Enjoying the relatively clean up-and-down play here. Texas leads 22-14. After scoring the 38 in the Rams' season-opener, Jamal Wilson just notched his first bucket.

4:40 - Monotone announcer guy inside Texas' gym is freaking me out. Sounds like a voice you'd hearing during a drug scene in a movie. Or maybe I've just been awake for 34 hours.

Horns lead it, 28-17. J'Covan Brown's got 10.

4:46 - Can't say I'm upset with the poor level of play throughout this marathon because it's November and bad basketball comes with the territory, even when top 25 teams are involved. What has been disappointing is the complete lack of competitive games. Hopefully the big guns can help out in that department tonight.

Texas up 34-19.

4:55 - Loving Van Gundy on college hoops. "The business of basketball is completely and utterly boring to me." Word, JVG.

Horns 41-31 at the under four.

4:59 - URI's hit four straight treys to trim the Texas lead from 17 all the way down to six. Mike Powell is the biggest contributor, connecting on 3-of-5 triples and leading the Ram scoring with 13.

5:03 - Texas leads at the half by a score of 46-43. Rhode Island ends the half on a tremendous run. Perhaps the Horns were simply answering the call for competitiveness. Either way, fun last five minutes to watch.

J'Covan Brown leads all scorers with 16. Powell still has 13 for the Rams.

5:23 - Rhode Island doesn't get enough love for their unis. What does Carolina have that they don't?

5:28 - And we have a one-point game on our hands. Texas, 54-53. Hell of an effort from Rhode Island after being down 17 midway through the first half.

5:31 - Jamal Wilson has just nine points through 25 minutes. His reign as the nation's leading scorer likely ends tonight.

5:38 - We're all tied up at 58 here. Rhode Island really hurting itself from the free-throw line where it's just 9-of-18.

5:39 - J'Covan Brown throws pass right off Rhode Islands player's leg, ball bounces right back to him and in one motion he throws an alley-oop pass to Sheldon McClellan who dunks it and gets fouled. November basketball at its finest. Horns back up 63-59 after briefly relinquishing the lead.

5:43 - And we're red bullin'.

5:48 - Texas has gone without a point guard for the past several minutes and as a result they've built back a 12-point league. Rick Barnes is a mad genius. Except he's not.

6:00 - Flow of this one has fallin' off a bit due to fouls and turnovers. Texas lead is 12 and 82-70. Brown has 27.

6:03 - Brown's got 33 now. Had 29 in the season-opener. Quite the early-season coming out party for J'Covan. Cool name. Wish it was mine. At least now that I'm grown up. You blog with a name like J'Covan and you're pretty much God.

6:17 - We've got our first 100-point performance of the marathon. With 1:13 to play it's Texas on top, 100-89.

6:20 - Texas tops Rhode Island, 100-90. J'Covan Brown scores 35, making him the tip-off marathon's new high scorer.

Game Rating: 5

Was actually good, clean family fun for about 10 minutes, but all Texas outside of that. Still, up-and-down with a lot of scoring warrants at least a cinco.

Prediction Result: 8-1

So hot right now.

Consumption: 1 red bull


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