College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon: No. 2 Kentucky vs. No. 11 Kansas

10:00 – Tip has been pushed back to 10:05 for the second Champions Classic game between No. 2 Kentucky and No. 12 Kansas.

Much of the talk surrounding Kansas this offseason has been whether this is the year they finally get knocked from their perennial perch atop the Big 12 standings. Kentucky, meanwhile, is everyone’s choice to wear the crown in the SEC.

They’ll also wear the crown on this evening. Cats by 10.

10:16 - Kansas gets off to a great start and leads Kentucky 9-3. Cats other than Terrence Jones looking a little tight.

10:17 - Not doing a new update for the game, but I've got Cal over Austin Peay by 8.

10:19 - I'm seeing spots.

10:25 - Focus on the game you're calling, Dick. Just once. I promise you, no matter what you think, people don't like this.

10:27 - Kentucky coming alive and the lead is down to one.

10:38 - Kansas answers right back and builds a 21-14 lead. Regardless of what happens tonight, this is going to be a great experience for UK's young guns. They're getting thrown into the fire a little bit right now.

10:43 - I'm not entirely sure what day it is.

10:48 - Kentucky freshman point guard Marquise Teague has 0 assists and six turnovers. That's not ideal.

10:57 - Terrence Jones has really put this Kentucky team on his back. He's got nine points on 4-of-5 shooting as well as a pair of blocks. And then he's gonna stare atcha.

11:01 - And we're tied at 28 heading into the locker room. Not a clean game by any stretch of the imagination, but hard-fought and competitive. All you can ask for in November. Here's hoping we can finally get a second half where one side doesn't pull ahead early and stay ahead.

11:05 - I will be singing "Good Life" and dreaming about ESPN's new "in the bonus" feature for the next three weeks. Dexter's voice will be narrating said dream (Dodge Journey commercial).

11:20 - Back underway and both teams get a bucket on their first possession. Really hoping one team doesn't pull away here in the first five know I'm talking about you, Kentucky.

11:32 - They didn't listen. Cats up 41-30 and showing no signs of letting up.

11:37 - Kentucky up 48-37. These guys could be scary good.

11:40 - I do think Kentucky ends up being the best team in the country by season's end, but that doesn't change the fact that this Kansas team is way down. The talent and the athletes simply aren't there like they have been since...well, as long as I can remember.

11:47 - Kentucky fans have been blowing up Vitale's Twitter since he called the team out for showboating. When he goes home to see if John Wall has tweeted at him yet, he's in for a pretty rude surprise.

Cats lead 57-40 in a game that has eerily mirrored the other two headline games tonight.

11:50 - Vitale takes comments that he hears from head coaches restates them and puts "I think" in front of them. For instance: "I think Anthony Davis is farther along as a freshman than Marcus Camby was under John Calipari at Massachusetts." Calipari made that exact statement three weeks ago.

11:58 - Scuffle between Kansas and Kentucky.

12:07 - Composure, not post presence, is going to be Kentucky's biggest enemy this season. It just comes with the territory with young players. They lead 66-52 at the under four.

12:18 - Please, just end.

12:18 - Unbelievable how similar all three headline games were. Close first halves, favorite closed strong, favorite dominated early part of second half, held onto lead, and then sort of faded at the very end.

12:22 - Kentucky wins it 75-65. Tyshawn Taylor of Kansas leads all scorers with 22, while Doron Lamb led Kentucky with 17.

Game Rating: 6

Ugly, but close first half, then UK dominates.

Prediction Result: 12-2

Cal also won handily.

Consumption: 1 cough drop

No room for anything else.

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