The BCS Standings Foretell A Dark Future For College Football Fans

It's still too early to freak out about the current BCS Standings. In a perfect world, the BCS would hold off on releasing any of these standings until the end of the season. But since we're here and the BCS Standings are out there anyway, we might as well take a peek at what the college football postseason might look like.


Oh, GOD. Have you ever imagined the opposite of a perfect world? Crimson and Cream Machine gives us a taste of the bowl matchups if the BCS standings stay the same:

National Championship Game: Oklahoma vs. Oregon 
Rose Bowl: Michigan State vs. Boise State
Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Ohio State
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. LSU
Fiesta Bowl: TCU vs. West Virginia

I know it's early, and lord willing, the country will be spared a Rose Bowl between Michigan State and Boise State, TCU/WVU in the Fiesta, or Oklahoma/Oregon for the title. But even the possibility of all this is kind of infuriating. I mean, in a civilized society, West Virginia and FSU shouldn't be part of any "championship" series.

Go ahead. Raise your hand if you hate the BCS.


That's what it's come to hasn't it? We're agreeing with Nick Saban now.

Anyway, it's all just food for thought. There's a lot of football left to play, so a lot can change. But while we're imagining unlikely scenarios... ESPN's Joe Schad tosses out the first round of a dream playoff:

  • 8 Alabama at 1 Oklahoma
  • 5 TCU at 4 Auburn
  • 6 LSU at 3 Boise State
  • 7 Oregon at 2 Michigan State

Sure, he left out the Big East and ACC, but that's what makes it a dream scenario. Meanwhile, just like every year, we're left to dread a potential BCS nightmare... Remind me why this makes sense?

Related: If you want to dig deeper into this dystopia... Crimson and Cream Machine is all over it.

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