BCS Standings: Auburn Earns Top Spot In BCS Rankings, Oregon Second

The Week 9 BCS standings have been released, and Auburn takes the top spot in the rankings for the first time in school history.

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BCS Standings: Which Week 9 Games Are Almost Playoffs?

Though the prospect of an actual playoff coming to the Football Bowl Subdivision is rather unlikely in the near future, there are still games that serve as de facto playoff games for BCS contenders. And two such games will happen this weekend, according to BCS Evolution.

The first is Missouri's trip to Lincoln to take on Nebraska. For the Tigers, a second win over a highly-ranked Big 12 team in as many weeks would likely solidify their place near the top of the BCS rankings. For the Cornhuskers, a win over Missouri would likely help them vault to the front of the Big 12 pack in the next BCS standings. Either team, with a win, has a clear path to the Big 12 North Division title and a berth in the Big 12 Championship Game.

There's no conference championship game berth on the line when Iowa hosts Michigan State this weekend, but the Spartans' BCS hopes may be entirely based on this game. Iowa's the only ranked team left for Michigan State to conquer, and the Spartans will be heavy favorites over the rest of their schedule. But Michigan State is an underdog in Iowa City this week, and could give the Hawkeyes a boost in the polls and BCS standings — and set up a de facto Big Ten championship game between Iowa and Ohio State — by falling.

For more analysis of the BCS standings and implications of any week, be sure to check BCS Evolution.


BCS Standings: One Bronco Nation Surveys Boise State's Tough Bye Week

Boise State, after slotting in behind Oklahoma and Oregon in the initial BCS standings despite lofty poll rankings and a 59-point decimation of New Mexico State, managed to maintain its position at third after a bye. One Bronco Nation Under God provides some essential analysis:

Bye week is a tougher opponent than New Mexico State

So Boise State beats a team by 59 points (NMSU) and falls in the poll. They don't play anyone and they stay where they are. Transitive property: WAC games are easier than bye weeks.

That's not entirely fair to the poll voters, who likely are also considering that Boise State's wins haven't been as impressive as those by Auburn and Oregon thus far. But it's definitely hysterical.

It just gets "easier" for the Broncos, too: they have no more arduous byes left, play in each of the next six weeks, have an odd Tuesday night game against Louisiana Tech tonight, and only play one more ranked team, Nevada. Meanwhile, TCU, which trails Boise State by .0013 points in this week's BCS standings, must travel to Utah and gets two of those menacing byes to boost their strength of schedule.

Once again, it appears that Boise State needs help, and lots of it, to truly bust the BCS.


BCS Standings: SBN Reacts To Another Week Of Culling

Another week, another BCS No. 1 goes down, another change in our National Championship projections. Two more teams lost their undefeated records this week and have come to terms with their football mortality so to speak, meanwhile for the rest of the teams yet to lose, it is getting hard not to look down the road and start maybe thinking about looking for hotels in the Glendale area.

Oklahoma has the ignoble designation of being the most recent #1 team to have its hopes for Stoopsian glory crushed before Halloween, it seems only fair to have Crimson and Cream Machine get the first word on this week's poll.

Is all hope lost? Not necessarily. Consider that we are in the midst of a pretty crazy college football season. If the Sooners indeed come in ranked higher than #10 in the latest BCS rankings, they will have at most 7 teams standing between them and a top 2 ranking. Oklahoma will have plenty of games remaining to make a statement. 7 teams, 6 weeks. It's possible, but the Sooners need to be ranked high enough after this fall in order to work their way back.

Frankly this is a pretty reserved outlook for the rest of the season, and surprising given that the Sooners lost to Mizzou of all teams.

Auburn, your new No. 1 this week, and SBN's Track 'em Tigers is having a tough time containing its glee at the prospect of being the fourth straight SEC team to win it all: "This team is growing, evolving, seeing an opportunity and sense of purpose that seldom presents itself in life....a REAL chance at a Championship." 

The higher your hopes are of course the more devastating it is when they are inevitably derailed. Just ask Auburn's victims this weekend, LSU, here represented by the resigned depression of SBN's And The Valley Shook: We went strength against strength (their offense versus our defense), and their strength won.  Defense wins championships?  Well, not always."

The BCS is a cruel mistress, and with undefeated Boise State, TCU, Missouri, and Michigan State still hanging around with Oregon and Auburn, chaos could still reign when it comes to the BCS Championship game this year.


BCS Standings: Billingsley Rankings Throw A Wrench, Again

SB Nation's Team Speed Kills finds itself once again taking issue with the college football rankings tilt-a-whirl that is the Billingsley poll:

We have already discussed the unique form of insanity that seems to be the specialty of Billingsley's computer. His ballot does not disappoint this week, ranking TCU at No. 1 (three spots higher than any other computer poll) and Missouri at No. 10 -- the Tigers' lowest spot in any computer poll by seven and two places below the less Mizzou-friendly humans. Billingsley has Sparty at eighth -- three places lower than the humans and five lower than the next most-skeptical computer -- and Alabama at No. 3. (The Tide are sixth in both human polls and no higher than eighth in any other chips-based measurement.)

In fact, the rule that causes the high and low scores for each team to be thrown out might as well be called the Billingsley Rule -- counting ties, Billingsley ranks 17 of the 25 teams higher or lower than any other computer in the BCS, including being the only one to rank Virginia Tech at all.

BCS Standings: As Expected, Auburn Is Number One, Oregon Number Two

The entire top 10 came in as expected in this mornings projections. The gap between Auburn and Oregon was a bit surprising, and will be insurmountable without an Auburn loss. The entire top six is fairly close, and this is especially true for second through fourth.

Oregon, Boise State and TCU are within a single computer vote of each other. TCU has the next ranked opponent in Utah, but USC should give Oregon enough padding to fend them off. Boise State has no such cushion. TCU should pass Boise State next week with a win over any Mountain West conference team.

Michigan State and Missouri both enter the BCS Championship Game race, being within a few computer votes of the top group of teams. Michigan State faces Iowa and Missouri plays Nebraska next week. Wins here could push them up to a mess of teams that will be claiming the second spot next week.

Alabama, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ohio State and LSU were also clustered together and round out the national title contenders. Thus, the line described but left vague this morning is drawn here.

The rest of the standings are made up of teams in the running for a BCS bowl as an at-large participant, but with easier routes to those berths through their conference championships. The automatic qualification races have been rehashed and are posted at BCS Evolution.


BCS Standings: Initial Analysis Of The Week 9 BCS Rankings

A quick review of the results of the in Week 9 BCS rankings:

Auburn taking the top spot isn't surprising because it happened; it's because it happened now. The Tigers have always had the strength of schedule over the long run to be strong contenders for a BCS Championship Game berth, but it's clear that the computers liked Auburn's win over LSU on Saturday enough to elevate them past Oregon, Boise State, and TCU. It's also telling that Auburn has a .03-point gap on second-ranked Oregon, while Oregon doesn't lead fourth-ranked TCU by that much.

Missouri's swift ascent is only a surprise because the Tigers took down Oklahoma in Columbia. With that win, though, Missouri virtually assumed Oklahoma's place as the Big 12's BCS frontrunner, and though the Tigers didn't have the early-season esteem or early-season schedule to top these rankings like Oklahoma did, they should be dangerous for the rest of the fall.

It's a bit surprising, though, that Oklahoma did not fall out of the top ten, and that the Sooners are ahead of every one-loss team but Alabama. The Sooners have a lot of work to do and very little meat on a schedule to do it against, but there's still a chance this team could play for a national championship this year.

The BCS standings in general loves the Big 12: five teams from the conference are ranked, and four show up in the top 17 of the BCS rankings. That's a stronger core than the SEC's weaker showing; though Auburn tops the Week 9 standings and Alabama heads the one-loss pack, the other three ranked SEC teams, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi State, are 19th, 20th, and 21st.


BCS Standings: Auburn Tops BCS Rankings For First Time in Week 9, Oregon Second

ESPN just released the second official BCS rankings of the 2010 season on its "BCS Countdown" show. It's going the American Idol route and stretching out the selections, and announced the bottom 15 teams in the top 25 first. This is a new and interesting addition to the the college football polls as they stand, because none of the rest require me to listen to Craig James and Robert Smith.

Tonight, the Auburn Tigers take the top spot for the first time in school history after a big win over LSU this weekend, and Oregon stays at second, secure in the knowledge that their schedule will keep them ahead of Boise State and TCU even if all three teams win out.

The first one-loss team is, again, Alabama, but watch out for Missouri: the Tigers have Nebraska left on the schedule, could see Oklahoma again, and have plenty of upward mobility if the heavyweights ahead of them take a dive.

We'll have more analysis as the night wears on.

Full standings are as follows:

  1. Auburn
  2. Oregon
  3. Boise State
  4. TCU
  5. Michigan State
  6. Missouri
  7. Alabama
  8. Utah
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Ohio State
  12. LSU
  13. Stanford
  14. Nebraska
  15. Arizona
  16. Florida State
  17. Oklahoma State
  18. Iowa
  19. Arkansas
  20. South Carolina
  21. Mississippi State
  22. Miami
  23. Virginia Tech
  24. Nevada
  25. Baylor

BCS Standings: Oregon Projected To Top BCS Rankings

Our SB Nation BCS analysis blog, BCS Evolution, has an early look at the various college football polls this week, revising preliminary projections released this morning.

There's a lot to dig into there, but one thing seems clear: Oregon, not Auburn, will be the team on top of the BCS standings when the rankings are released tonight on ESPN.

It's also interesting to note that the top six in the USA Today, AP, and Harris Interactive polls are all the same, and that the sixth-ranked team in all three polls is one-loss Alabama. That's further evidence of how helpful a lofty preseason ranking can be; Alabama's early loss leaves them in good position to win out and make the BCS Championship Game, but Oklahoma's loss to Missouri means the Sooners will need to win out and get help to play for a national title.

And, as usual, it looks like Boise State and TCU have a near-impossible road to the BCS Championship Game, one which will require multiple losses by higher-ranked teams. That's just the plight of the BCS busters, same as it ever was.


BCS Standings: Oklahoma's Loss Will Shake Up BCS Rankings

Week after week this season, a slew of upsets has shaken up the various college football rankings. Week 8 proved to be no different.

This week's headlining upset is definitely Missouri's 36-27 win over Oklahoma. The Sooners were the top-ranked team in last week's BCS standings, and will surely fall a way in this week's edition of the rankings.

Oregon might be the team assuming the top spot after a destruction of UCLA, but the team gaining the most ground this week should be Auburn. Led by the incredible Cam Newton, the Tigers won again, downing LSU and ending Les Miles' season of miracles, and that should help Auburn's strength of schedule immensely.

Boise State might move up in the human polls, but Oklahoma's loss might only temporarily help the Broncos in their quest to make the BCS Championship game. Auburn has a stronger schedule upcoming, and should the Tigers run the table, they should leap past the perennial BCS busters.

Missouri, by virtue of a win over the BCS' top-ranked team, might enter the national championship race as a dark-horse with some upward mobility. The Tigers will also play Nebraska next week, and could use back-to-back wins over the Big 12 blue-bloods to spring into the BCS Championship Game discussion.

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