No. 1 Oregon Vs. California: High-Flying Ducks Survive Upset Bid, 15-13

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Oregon Vs. California: Ducks Survive Upset Bid, Maintain BCS Rankings Position

For once, Oregon didn't score many style points, and didn't look like a team that should be atop the BCS rankings. In fact, the Ducks didn't score many points at all.

But it didn't matter. Chip Kelly's crew, so often leaving fans and other teams breathless, is lucky to be breathing after tonight's close scrape. Scoring their only points on a Cliff Harris punt return and on a short field after a turnover, the Ducks beat a stubborn Cal team 15-13 in Berkeley.

It's Oregon's lowest point output of the season, and the only game this year that the Ducks haven't won by double digits. That likely won't drop the Ducks in the BCS standings, but the score also doesn't indicate how easily it could have been a loss: Cal's Giorgio Tavecchio pushed a 29-yard field goal wide right to begin the fourth quarter, whiffing on the only chance Cal got to take a second half lead. Even worse for the Bears, that field goal would have been a 24-yard try if not for an illegal motion penalty.

The Ducks went on to dominate the rest of the fourth quarter, holding the ball for all but 2:14 of game clock and garnering six first downs on a drive that ran the clock out.

Oregon's win should keep the Ducks near the top of the BCS


No. 1 Oregon Vs. California: High-Flying Ducks Up Just 15-13 In Berkeley

Cal may be just 5-4 on the year, but the Bears are an entirely different team at home in Strawberry Canyon. Oregon's learning that much tonight.

The Ducks' high-octane offense has been shut down, generating just 13 points — and six of those were for Cal, on a throw by Darron Thomas that turned into a fumble recovered in the end zone. Oregon's also scored on a punt return by Cliff Harris, and leads 15-13 thanks to a smart two-point conversion call and a failed attempt for two by the Bears.

But it's the Oregon defense that has been truly troubled. Shane Vereen has run wild, nearing 100 yards through three quarters, and taking much of the pressure off untested quarterback Brock Mansion. If Vereen can keep running and keep the Ducks off the field, it looks like Cal might have a chance to pull the biggest upset of the college football season.

Cal will have a chance at a short field goal to take the lead to begin the fourth quarter.

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