BERKELEY CA - NOVEMBER 13: Jeff Maehl #23 of the Oregon Ducks jumps over Steve Williams #1 of the California Golden Bears to catch the ball in front of the Cal sideline at California Memorial Stadium on November 13 2010 in Berkeley California. The catch was first ruled incomplete but was overturned upon review. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

BCS Rankings: Week 12 Standings Have Oregon Soaring Once More

Oregon and Auburn are still on a National Championship collision course with the two teams ranked 1, 2 in the Week 12 BCS Standings. Scroll down for full rankings and analysis.

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BCS Standings: SEC Championship Game Is Set, Other Conference Races Undecided

With Oregon and Auburn atop the Week 12 BCS Standings we have a clear picture of what the current National Championship game would look like. But what other automatic qualifiers will we see in the BCS bowl games? That picture is much murkier.

The SEC is the only conference with it's championship already set up -- South Carolina will play Auburn for an automatic bid to a BCS bowl. The other conferences have much to be decided.

In the ACC, Maryland and Florida State have the most clear-cut route to the championship game. If one of them wins out, they win the Atlantic division, although NC State is still alive. In the Coastal, Virginia Tech is in the ACC Championship Game with a win over Miami OR UVA.

The Big 12 appears to have Nebraska set to win the North, with the South looking like a total mess that we won't attempt to explain (although BCS Evolution will). Just know this: Oklahoma State seems to have the best chance of winning that division.

The Big East will become a littler clearer with Pitt and South Florida meeting this week. Both teams control their own fate by winning out.

The Big 10, like the Big 12 South, is still very complicated with Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Iowa all holding onto shots at the conference title.

Finally, in the Pac-10, Oregon wins the conference with a victory over Arizona or Oregon state.

So, yeah, we don't know much. But we do know this: Teams from the ACC and Big East will be in BCS bowls, while teams actually deserving such an honor (and money) will be left playing in a second tier game.

For more on the BCS, be sure to check out SB Nation's BCS Evolution.


BCS Rankings: Expert Analysis Of The Week 12 Standings

Apparently, I overestimated the impact the Alabama Crimson Tide would get from their win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. For the first time in ten years, the top 10 in the BCS standings has remained unchanged from one week to the next. As I said this morning:

This week was one of the most static in the BCS standings I have ever seen. One has to go to #13 Iowa to find the highest ranked team to lose. Of the six top 25 teams that lost, three lost to another top 25 team. One lost to ineligible, but non trivial USC. The highest ranked team to play a ranked opponent was #1 Alabama.

The Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers held the top two spots. The Boise State Broncos closed in on the TCU Horned Frogs, as expected. A win over the Nevada Wolf Pack should be enough to push Boise State over the top. The LSU Tigers are closing in on TCU and Boise State and could be competitive for a BCS National Championship Game spot with a win over the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Another open question is the Big Ten's Rose Bowl race. The Wisconsin Badgers are the leader, but the Ohio State Buckeyes could take the lead in the BCS standings with a win over Iowa. A loss by the Michigan State Spartans would make this irrelevasnt, as Wisconsin would then win the head-to-head tiebreaker.

Incidentally, the game this next week with the biggest long-term BCS impact might not even involve teams in contention for a BCS bowl game. Tuesday night, I will take a look at the impact a win by the San Diego State Aztecs over the Utah Utes could have on the Mountain West conference's bid for an automatic qualification for 2012 and 2013.


BCS Rankings: Initial Analysis Of The Week 12 BCS Standings

A quick review of the results of the in Week 12 BCS rankings:

No movement in the top 10 is no shock. No teams in the top 10 lost this week. But it's the rarity of stability like that that makes it remarkable: this is the first time in 10 years that the top 10 of the rankings has been the same for two consecutive weeks.

Boise State closing the gap on TCU is a good sign for the folks in Idaho. Not only was the Horned Frogs' close win against San Diego State enough to let Boise State slip by TCU in both the human polls, it helped the Broncos sneak closer to both a BCS bowl and, improbably, a chance at a BCS National Championship.

The strength and depth of the SEC and Big 12 is the real takeaway from this week's BCS standings, though. The two conferences combine for 10 of the top 21 teams, and seven of the top 15. That hasn't led to a lot of top-tier success — only Auburn and LSU, of all of those teams, have realistic shots at a national title — but if you look down a bowl list in December and see a lot of games featuring teams from those conferences, don't be surprised. (It's also a nice swan song for the Big 12 in its last year with a name that makes sense.)


BCS Rankings: Oregon Tops All Teams In Week 12 Standings

ESPN has released the Week 12 BCS rankings on its BCS Countdown show, and though the top two teams haven't changed, there is intrigue just below them.

Once again, Oregon ranks first in all of the college football polls, claiming the top spot in the USA Today coaches poll, the AP Poll, and the BCS standings, and Auburn comes in second in all of those rankings. Oregon and Auburn are still in control of their destinies. Both schools can play for a national title in the BCS National Championship Game by winning out.

Then comes the interesting part: Boise State does not jump TCU, but closes the gap on the Horned Frogs, cutting last week's difference between third and fourth in half. With a ranked Nevada team and two other games left on the schedule, the Broncos might well jump past TCU and to the Rose Bowl berth that being the top-ranked team from a non-automatically qualifying conference would earn them.

Also, as an indication of how static the week in college football was: the top 10 remained exactly the same from last week, the first time in 10 years that has happened.

We'll have more analysis as the night wears on.

Full standings are as follows:

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Boise State
  5. LSU
  6. Stanford
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nebraska
  9. Ohio State
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. Alabama
  12. Michigan State
  13. Arkansas
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Missouri
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. South Carolina
  18. Nevada
  19. Texas A&M
  20. Iowa
  21. Mississippi State
  22. Arizona
  23. Utah
  24. Miami
  25. Florida State

BCS Rankings: Week 12 Standings Should Have Oregon Soaring Once More

The BCS rankings for Week 12 won't be released until tonight's BCS Countdown airs on ESPN, but we've got a pretty good inkling of where the four remaining undefeated Football Bowl Subdivision teams will end up. Just check the Week 11 BCS standings.

Our BCS expert's projected BCS rankings for Week 12 have Oregon on top, followed by Auburn, TCU, Boise State, and LSU. That would be the same top five from last week's BCS standings, and is essentially the full list of BCS National Championship Game contenders.

It's also evidence of how static the BCS rankings should be after a week of close calls and few losses, according to our expert:

This week was one of the most static in the BCS standings I have ever seen. One has to go to 13th-ranked Iowa to find the highest ranked team to lose. Of the six top 25 teams that lost, three lost to another top 25 team. One lost to ineligible, but non-trivial USC. The highest-ranked team to play a ranked opponent was 11th-ranked Alabama.
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