James Franklin Formally Announced As New Vanderbilt Head Coach

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James Franklin Formally Announced As Vanderbilt Head Coach, Says Facebook

James Franklin, noted former Ron Prince OC and ex-head-coach-in-waiting at Maryland, has been formally presented as the new skipper of Vanderbilt Commodores football, a development the rest of the internet has known for four days but that Vandy was determined to announce via Facebook. The press release is quite saucy, even starting off with a dig at the ACC:

Nashville, Tenn. — James Franklin, one of the nation's top offensive coordinators and recruiters, is a head coach-in-waiting no longer.

How's that social media announcement going for them? Well, Franklin's been compared unfavorably to two Bowden brothers so far, so you tell us:

This would be a great time for a disklike button.

Why not go for Terry Bowden????????

So is RonP going to pop out of James Franklin's chest like that scene in Total Recall or just walkout to "The Final Countdown" as usual.

So if Florida hit a home run with Muschamp, did Vandy just hit a slow roller back to the pitcher's mound?

FAIL....Tommy Bowden and Tommy Tuberville BOTH wanted the job...PROVEN winners..But you choose a coach that led the 85th ranked offense in 2010...NOT an improvement....More complacency from West End

Yeah, we've got a coach!!!

Ah, that old Maryland coaching pipeline! It's no so much a pipeline as it is an unmarked duffel bag flung five states south, but you know, PIPELINE!

went from almost hiring gus malzon to this?how far down the list was this guy?wonder we always suck each year.where is the did like button

Franklin's inaugural press conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. EST. For more Vandy athletics news, visit SB Nation's Anchor Of Gold.


Report: James Franklin Hire By Vanderbilt Being Finalized

Lo! The Vanderbilt coaching search lurches back to life! We've got an official word from from an outlet that would know that talked with a person who would know who's willing to put his name to it, and that's as good as it gets until the ink's dry: James Franklin will succeed Robbie Caldwell as the head football coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores. (Reportedly!)

Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is about to be named Vanderbilt’s next football coach, Vanderbilt Board of Trust and search committee member John Ingram said Thursday afternoon.

"We’re about to have this all wrapped up," Ingram said.

And so another coach-in-waiting story topples in the unusually active coaching carousel of 2010. Personality-wise, an ACC guy seems a logical choice for the SEC's token smart school. (He's even got kind of a nerdy face, which will only endear him to the locals.) But if the dropoff in administrative ambition from Gus Malzahn to Franklin puzzles you, you're not alone. SB Nation's Anchor of Gold, while really, really glad the name on their skipper's door won't be Tommy Tuberville's, shares some reservations about the impending hire:

James Franklin, Vanderbilt's prospective head coach-in-limbo, is generating a lot of praise for his offensive prowess and ability to develop skill players on offense. His work with quarterbacks like Josh Freeman and Danny O'Brien gives him an inside track when it comes to developing a position that has been unstable in Nashville since Jay Cutler left in 2005. However, criticism has followed the Commodores' heir-apparent to Robbie Caldwell, focusing on Maryland's lack of innovative playcalling and failure to dominate in a relatively weak ACC over the past three years. Despite Franklin's abilities as an offensive guru, his teams have yet to get over the eight-win hump despite a schedule that offers up mediocre teams like Duke, Wake Forest, and Virginia on a yearly basis.

There's much in the way of additional stats and analysis at the above link, if you're into that kind of thing.

Connect with Vanderbilt and Maryland fans at SB Nation's Anchor of Gold and Testudo Times.


Gus Malzahn Won't Take Vanderbilt Job, Auburn Confirms

Auburn's all smiles this afternoon, out in the market with basket on arm, cheerfully pooh-poohing the idea that Gus Malzahn was ever in any real danger of leaving the Tigers for the Vanderbilt job.

Kirk Sampson, the school's assistant athletics director for media relations, said Malzahn will remain in Auburn but would not confirm or deny multiple reports that the second-year coordinator turned down an offer to Vanderbilt's next head coach.

He doesn't really have to confirm or deny it, not when Vandy's already done that for us, but no matter: The money has talked, and the coach will not walk:

A source told the Associated Press that Auburn will double Malzahn's $500,000 a year salary, making him one of the top paid assistants in the country.

Either way, Jimmy Sexton gets richer, and that's all that really matters, right?

And so we appear to close the book on Malzahn for the 2010-2011 offseason, until he gets offered the Pitt job and gets his salary redoubled, or the Michigan job comes up for grabs, or the NCAA rides into town on pink unicorns and disbands the Auburn football program entirely. Vanderbilt's casting couch will reportedly host Maryland OC James Franklin next.


Report: Gus Malzhan Turns Vanderbilt Down, Will Remain At Auburn

Whatever sources the Washington Post was using to report that Gus Malzahn had entered a verbal agreement with Vanderbilt University, they appear to be a touch flighty. ESPN.com's Chris Low, a reliably reliable sort, is reporting that the Auburn defensive coordinator has turned down a multimillion-dollar offer to become the head football coach of the Commodores.

Low's source also indicates that Malzahn "has decided to stay at Auburn," but December's not even half over yet. There are many spins of the coaching carousel still to come. Malzahn could be holding out for a shot at a job where he'd have an easier time succeeding, like the Pitt vacancy. He could be harboring dark hopes that Rich Rodriguez is cast off by Michigan following the Wolverines' trip to the Gator Bowl, thinking to angle for that more prestigious gig. Or he could be content with his lot as the offensive steward of a hotshot team gunning for a national title. Or he deeply loathes overprocessed country music. Your guess is as good as ours, which is to say useless, is our point.

SB Nation's Anchor of Gold suggests a bidding war may have played a part in Malzahn's decision, but we'll likely never know for sure about that, either. This development puts Maryland OC James Franklin back in the mix as the Commodores' reported second choice; we'll have more on him when there's more to report.


Gus Malzahn To Vanderbilt: A Handy Timeline

The Gus Malzahn-to-Vanderbilt deal is far from sewn up, and news outlets everywhere are backtracking from a thousand stories all spawned by one tiny blog blurb on the Washington Post's website. The Commodores could be back to square one by this afternoon, or basking in the reflected glory of a new coach who may very well alight in Nashville with a shiny new title ring; until then, let's see if we can't put together a rough timeline of events and get all our stories straight:

Thanksgiving weekend: Robbie Caldwell, The Interim Head Coach Who Wasn't, steps down after one season as Bobby Johnson's replacement at VU.

Thursday, Dec. 9: Incidentally, Malzahn wins the 2010 Frank Broyles Award, bestowed upon the nation's best assistant coach.

Friday: Malzahn is said to be considering a $3 million offer from the Commodores.

Sunday, early: A small corner of the Washington Post's Terrapins Insider blog pipes up with the news that Maryland OC James Franklin has been passed over for the Vanderbilt job in favor of Malzahn, who has accepted the position.

Sunday, late: AL.com reports that Malzahn is considering the offer, but that he has neither accepted nor denied the opportunity, and that a decision is expected by early Monday.

Monday, early: The Post stands by its story, reporting that the announcement of Malzahn's hiring is imminent.

Monday, early: The Tennessean reports that Vanderbilt has denied they've hired Malzahn ... sort of:

Vanderbilt denied a report Sunday that it had hired Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn as its next head football coach.

But director of communications Rod Williamson said Vanderbilt hopes the report would be accurate very soon.

And right now, that's where we're at, all waiting on somebody who's actually in a position to know for sure to report the deal is done or through. In the meantime, for more discussion of this story, visit SB Nation's Anchor of Gold.


Gus Malzahn Reportedly Offered Vanderbilt Head Coaching Job, $3 Million Contract

Gus Malzahn, perhaps the hottest name on the college football coaching carousel, was reportedly offered the head coaching job at Vanderbilt on Thursday. The Auburn offensive coordinator was in Nashville and reportedly left with a $3 million contract offer from the Commodores. According to The Tennessean's Jeff Lockridge, Malzahn is mulling over the offer as Vanderbilt looks into contingency plans.

Auburn coor­di­na­tor Gus Mal­zahn, who was in town Wed­nes­day, is thought to have recei­ved another offer from Van­der­bilt that approaches the ball­park of $3 million per year. But if he con­ti­nues to pass, look for Van­der­bilt to move on to Fran­klin or perhaps Roman in the very, very near future (and save some money in the process).

Vanderbilt has long been a doormat in the SEC, falling behind the national powers housed in the nation's premier football conference. A commitment to Malzahn in the neighborhood of $3 million is a sign Vanderbilt is prepared to make real strides in an effort to get itself to equal footing with the rest of the conference.

Malzahn, the Frank Broyles award winner as the NCAA's top assistant coach, should see plenty of offers this season with the coaching carousel kicking into high-gear this offense. The departures of Urban Meyer and Dave Wannstedt are likely to set into motion a chain reaction within college football's coaching ranks.

The only question that remains for Malzahn is whether he should take the first offer, and large paycheck that comes with it, or wait to see what else comes his way.

For more on the Vanderbilt coaching search, check out SB Nation's Anchor of Gold.

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