BCS Rankings: Questions Answered By Week 14 Standings

This morning I posed a few questions that would be answered when tonight's standings came out. The Auburn Tigers passed the Oregon Ducks, by a thread. (One coach or two Harris voters, to be precise.) But that really does not matter: either is still in the championship game with a win next week.

Who Is 4th?

Stanford. And with a good cushion. With the third through ninth teams off this week, it is highly unlikely that the gap of 0.0228 between Stanford and Wisconsin can be overcome.

This means Stanford will be guaranteed a BCS bowl.

Who Will Win The Big Ten?

Wisconsin. With a gap of 0.0553 between the Badgers and Buckeyes, Ohio State would need to gain more than a ranking spot across the board. That won't happen.

Who Will Win the Big 12 South?

Oklahoma. And it was not as close as I projected.

Can Boise State Become BCS Eligible?

Yes, but there are only two at-large spots (thanks, Stanford) and the Sugar Bowl is unlikely to let them go by. Or to pick Boise State.

Who Will Be BCS Eligible?

The Auburn Tigers, Oregon Ducks, TCU Horned Frogs, Stanford Cardinal, Wisconsin Badgers, Ohio St. Buckeyes, Arkansas Razorbacks, Michigan St. Spartans, Oklahoma Sooners, LSU Tigers, Boise St. Broncos, Missouri Tigers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Or, well, that list minus the Big 12 Championship Game loser. If the Virginia Tech Hokies beat Florida State, they will take the 14th spot. If Virginia Tech loses, the Alabama Crimson Tide should take the spot.

Who Will Be In A BCS Bowl?

We will find out next week. Here is my guess.

BCS Championship Game: Auburn vs. Oregon
Rose Bowl: TCU vs. Wisconsin
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs. Ohio State
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Connecticut
Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Stanford


If Oregon loses, TCU and Oregon will swap places. If Auburn also loses South Carolina will also replace Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

If Oregon wins and Auburn loses, TCU will move to the BCS National Championship Game, Stanford to the Rose Bowl, Connecticut to the Fiesta Bowl, Auburn to the Orange Bowl, and South Carolina will replace Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

If FSU beats Virginia Tech, it will take the ACC's spot in the Orange Bowl.

If Oklahoma beats Nebraska, it will play in the Fiesta Bowl.

West Virginia and Pittsburgh have chances to replace Connecticut should the Huskies lose, without other changes to bowl positions.

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