Bloggers React To TCU Joining The Big East

A look around the SBNation college blog network reveals varying opinions on Monday’s news that TCU will join the Big East Conference in 2012.

BCS Evolution says the move all but kills the MWC’s bid for a BCS invitation:

Losing TCU kills any life support that bid had. Because the move happens in the 2012-2013 season, TCU will still count for the MWC in the numbers. Those numbers will come up short of a guaranteed automatic qualification, but should leave then eligible to petition for an automatic qualification. The loss of TCU the following year critically wounds the MWC’s case. Normally I would publish those numbers after an expansion, but the next scheduled release is due early next week (after the final BCS standigns are released).

I expect the MWC to extend an invite to at least three of Idaho, Utah State, San Jose State, and New Mexico State in the very near future. Hawaii has flirted with independence, but the issue may be forced upon them if the MWC insists that they add too much travel cost with too little value added.

Mountain West Connection says the financial considerations of the deal were just too much for TCU to shy away from:

In 2012 TCU will earn roughly 4-5 times the amount of television revenue than it could in the MWC and possibly much more than that when the contract is renegotiated for 2013. This money will be quite a boon for TCU’s athletic development as TCU is a private university that does not receive public funding like a University of Texas does, so the extra athletic revenue will help to further improve the athletic department and facilities.

The extra money is nice but it will be even better to be back on ESPN again and get some heavy east coast exposure. ESPN is great not only because of the amount of eyes on the games but also the amount of love and publicity ESPN will throw your way as they shamelessly promote those games. Boise State got a good taste of that love this year and conversely TCU felt the cold shoulder that you get when you’re not an ESPN product, which was especially evident last night on the BCS Countdown Show.

The UConn Blog is wondering how the heck a 17-team basketball conference is going to work:

The frank truth is that a 17-team basketball league is probably unworkable. The Big East may find some crazy-ass way to do it, but I’d bet that this either starts the break-up of the conference (especially if the Big East looks to expand further, which wouldn’t shock me) or marks the beginning of the end for some schools. Let’s just say that if I was the athletic director at DePaul, I wouldn’t let John Marinatto take me on any fishing trips to Lake Tahoe.

Card Chronicle sees nothing but upside for all parties involved:

It’s an understatement to say that is the best case scenario as far as the first step in expanding the league goes. TCU still has an outside shot at winning the national championship this season, and if recent years are any indication, the program figures to remain in solid shape by the time the move happens. In short, the league gets its respectable eight-game conference schedule and does so by adding a perennial top 25 program and emerging player on the national scene.

Anonymous Eagle wonders how the arrival of a Texas school will impact recruiting and scheduling for the other Big East squads:

First and foremost, it may have an impact on recruiting. Buzz’s contacts in Texas have funneled a steady stream of talent up north. Will TCU stem that flow? I tend to think not. In fact, it should only increase MU’s exposure in the area and will guarantee recruits at least two trips back to their home state.

What remains to be seen is how this will impact Big East conference scheduling and the Big East tournament. The path of least resistance for scheduling is to keep the 18 game conference season and drop one of the three mirror games. They league may also consider a single round robin 16 game league schedule. Either way, TCU limits Marquette’s opportunities to play the conference heavies. I can’t even venture a guess on how the conference tournament will work. Will the bottom feeder team stay home?

Cardiac Hill doesn’t see what all the fuss is over the travel concerns:

So there’s also one other issue that is irking some – the distance. How will TCU and the league cope with the distance? Well, to be honest, I think we’re going to see a lot more of this. The Big Ten and Nebraska kind of kicked things off as Lincoln isn’t exactly a hop, skip, and a jump away from schools like Penn State. The more time goes on, the more we’re going to see schools and conferences simply learn to deal with this. Flights cost money, but is a flight to Fort Worth from Syracuse really all that much more than one to Louisville? I can’t imagine so.

Voodoo Five is surprised the basketball-only schools accepted the deal:

I’m surprised that the basketball schools caved in and let TCU in as an all-sports member, but it is the best thing for the conference as a whole. TCU raises the profile of the football side of things, and their Olympic sports are quite good, with their baseball and women’s basketball teams consistently ranked in the Top 25. Maybe most importantly, TCU’s BCS rankings will be attributed to the Big East when reevaluation starts in a few years.

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician is happy to see TCU join up but concerned about the timing of the announcement:

I’m all for the Horned Frogs joining up for quite a few reasons. That said, I think the timing is awful for two specific reasons:

1. All it’s going to do it remind everyone how much better TCU is than every other team in the Big East and how bad Big East football has been this year.

2. Let the “can TCU have the Big East’s automatic bid this year?” jokes begin.

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