Blues Cruise: No. 2 Boise State Brushes Off Hawaii, 42-7

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Boise State Vs. Hawaii: Warriors Mown Down On Blue Turf, 42-7

For the first play in the fourth quarter, Boise State's Jeremy Avery hangs a right and runs for a 19-yard touchdown. Dustin Blount manages 32 yards on the responding kickoff return, and it pays dividends for the Warriors: On the fourth play from scrimmage, Alex Green breaks off a monster 54-yard touchdown run, and Hawaii is on the board with 13:26 remaining in the game.

Some fresh faces enter the game for Boise State with the score well in hand, and their next drive ends with a missed 52-yard field goal. Hawaii's next drive makes it to midfield before flickering out on a fumble.

And that'll about do it for both sides. The backups come in for Hawaii as well, and the clock winds down. Final score on the blue turf: Boise State 42, Hawaii 7. It seems silly to think about it now, but we really thought the top-ranked passing offense in the country might give the Broncos a game. Silly.


Boise State Vs. Hawaii: Broncos Put The Pedal Down, 35-0

As the second half gets underway, Boise State unveils a drive they like to call the Muscle Hamster Show. Doug Martin rushes four plays in a row, gaining 27 yards, and Kellen Moore hits Austin Pettis for a 43-yard score, and we're back to more of the same again.

Hawaii once again converts its first set of downs, but not its second. Kellen Moore gets Titus Young on the board with an 83-yard touchdown pass. Bryant Moniz is sacked on first down. Bryant Moniz is sacked on third down. This is hardly fair, but guess what's coming?


[Via bubbaprog at]

Yes, young Kellen. We're as baffled as you are.

It won't do the Warriors a bit of good, of course. Moniz is sacked again on the next possession, fumbles but recovers the ball himself, and Boise's driving again as the third quarter draws to a close with the Broncos leading, 35-0.


Boise State Vs. Hawaii: Kellen Moore Throwing An Interception Is News

Considerably more action to report in this quarter, as Kellen Moore hits Tyler Shoemaker down the middle for a 12-yard touchdown pass on the second play. The Warriors go three-and-out, and the boys in blue set up for another scoring drive with a 35-yard pass from Moore to Shoemaker on first down. The excellently-named Geraldo Hiwat catches a 16-yard pass several plays later, and Gabe Linehan gets a piece of the action for 19 yards on a third down. Jeremy Avery runs the Broncos' next touchdown in from four yards out, and this two-point conversion works, on an Austin Pettis rush.

Hawaii, not having a great day, takes close to five minutes off the clock getting from their own 28 to Boise State's 34, and Bryant Moniz is sacked -- and then, wonder of wonders, Kellen Moore throws an interception. Seriously, we've got pictures:

[Via bubbaprog at]

This marks Moore's third picked pass of 2010. The Warriors can't do anything with it, of course, and the half ends amid another Broncos drive, with Boise State leading, 21-0.


Boise State Vs. Hawaii: Fumbles Cost Broncos Points But Not The Lead

Dustin Blount fumbles Hawaii's opening kickoff return, which is especially problematic in this situation, as it raises the chances of returning the ball to the Boise State offense. Hawaii recovers, however, and Bryant Moniz goes to work with the nation's top-ranked passing unit.

That unit is having some problems getting started. Two incompletions and a sack later, and Boise State's backing up to catch a Warriors punt. Kellen Moore's first pass falls incomplete, itself a rarity, but he hits Tyler Shoemaker on second down for a 21-yard completion. Moore's next two passes cover 11 and 19 yards to Doug Martin and Austin Pettis, but on what might be a touchdown catch and run by Martin at Hawaii's 6-yard line, the Muscle Hamster fumbles and turns the ball over.

Boise State's defense isn't about to lie down for just anyone. A big run on first down and three straight Moniz completions are met by an incomplete pass, another fumble recovered by the Warriors, and a sack on Moniz. Hawaii punts on 4th-and-21.

Boise State launches another rapid-fire drive, featuring a 23-yard catch by Shoemaker and 29 receiving yards from Pettis, and Jeremy Avery gets free for a 15-yard touchdown sprint. A trickeroo two-point conversion attempt fails, and Boise State leads, 6-0.

Hawaii follows this up with another three-and-out, and at the end of the first quarter, the Broncos are down to the Warriors' 16-yard line and driving.

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