Army-Navy Game 2010: Midshipmen Win Ninth Straight, 31-17

The 2010 Army-Navy Game, the 111th meeting in series history, is underway at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Army-Navy Game: Midshipmen Emerge Victorious, 31-17

I know how this is going to sound, but just believe me -- you're about to see another turnover. Gee Gee Greene and Alexander Teich are leading a hefty drive when Ricky Dobbs throws one of his rare passes and the throw results in an even rarer interception.

The Black Knights get the ball back, but must punt on the first play of the fourth quarter, and Navy's about to eat most of the rest of the clock with an eight and a half-minute drive stretching from their own 13 to Army's 25-yard line. Gee Gee Greene breaks off right for a 25-yard touchdown. With 6:15 remaining in the game, Navy leads Army, 31-10.

The Black Knights are down, but not out. In an unprecedented aerial attack, TRENT STEELMAN completes passes of 12, 9, 7, and 44 yards, the final connection to Malcolm Brown for a touchdown. With 4:10 remaining in the game, Navy leads Army, 31-17.

And that'll about do it for the 111th Army-Navy game. The Black Knights take to the air for their final drive, but incomplete passes and sacks mar the last minute of play, and as the clock hits 00:00, Navy's eight-game win streak extends to nine. Final score in Philadelphia: Midshipmen 31, Black Knights 17.


Army-Navy Game: Black Knights Score On Opening Second-Half Drive

Before we begin the second half, we've got an injury update on Black Knights quarterback TRENT STEELMAN, who was seen limping about after a hard hit late in the first half. Rich Ellerson tells CBS it's a sprained foot, and that Steelman will return, though they'll obviously be keeping a close watch on his condition.

Speaking of the Black Knights, they get the ball back to begin the second half, and in true option fashion, chew six and a half minutes of clock with a rush-happy drive (though Steelman does complete an 11-yard pass to fullback Jared Hassin). A sack on a second down deep in Navy territory slows the roll, but points will still be had: Alex Carlton boots a 42-yard try through the uprights (it hooks in at the last second, to great cheering among the Cadets), and it's a two-possession ballgame in Philadelphia.

With 8:25 remaining in the third quarter, the Midshipmen lead the Black Knights, 24-10.


Army-Navy Game: Fumble Return Gives Midshipmen 24-7 Halftime Lead

This next bit is a mite depressing: Ricky Dobbs is sacked on the first play of the Midshipmen's next drive. Army commits a 15-yard penalty to give the Mid first down. Ricky Dobbs rushes left and fumbles the ball away. Army recovers. It's the fifth lost ball of the game.

The Black Knights, for a short time, appear to be taking good advantage of their fortune. TRENT STEELMAN attempts another pass, which is news in itself. His run left for a 14-yard gain fares better. Patrick Mealy gets into the action, and he, Steelman, and Jared Hassin chew almost six minutes off the clock running from their own 48 to Navy's 2-yard line. 

It's all going quite well until Steelman gets the ball punched out of his arms, and senior Mids defender Wyatt Middleton scoops up his second loose ball recovery of the game and runs in the other direction with it with great speed. The official word is a 98-yard fumble return. TRENT STEELMAN can do nothing but watch (and, on Army's last-gasp drive of the quarter, run for 20 yards on his lonesome and get sacked).

At the end of the first half, the Midshipmen lead the Black Knights, 24-7.


Army-Navy Game: Ricky Dobbs, Trent Steelman Trade Surprising TD Passes

Brace yourselves for something truly shocking: Army's about to go three-and-out again. TRENT STEELMAN attempts two passes, both of which fall incomplete. Navy's beginning to settle into a routine here that's as entertaining as it is effective: Short bursts of ground-chewing run plays followed by HEY LOOK AT THAT passes out of nowhere. Ricky Dobbs' passes thus far, when they've been successful, have been completions of 31 and 77 yards, and here comes another one: Down the left side on 3rd-and-6 for a 23-yard gain by Aaron Santiago. Four more running plays, and Dobbs launches another one: 32 yards to Brandon Turner for the Mids' second touchdown. The drive takes us into the second quarter, where with 14:05 remaining, the Midshipmen lead the Black Knights, 17-0.

The game's third fumble comes on the next kickoff return, but Joshua Jackson recovers his own loose ball and Army sets up for another three-and-out. Ever gracious, Navy provides the fourth fumble by Alexander Teich on their next first down. The Knights catch a break, and lo! It turns out that when they start on Navy's 23-yard line, they're pretty good at scoring! Five straight rushes reeled off, and STEELMAN attempts his first pass of the game. It's a good one: A five-yard touchdown to Malcolm Brown.

With 8:50 remaining in the second quarter, the Black Knights have pulled within ten of the Midshipmen, 17-7.


Army-Navy Game: Ricky Dobbs' Record Pass Puts Mids Up 10-0

Joshua Jackson gets another good kick return for the Black Knights, motoring for 30 yards to Army's 36. TRENT STEELMAN (you have to capitalize a name like TRENT STEELMAN) goes back to work behind center, but after two short rushes from him and another from Raymond Maples, the punting unit comes on and the Mids get it back.

We're about to witness another record being broken, this one much more impressive. On second down, Ricky Dobbs rears back and launches a 77-yard pass at John Howell, who skates in for a touchdown. It's the longest aerial play in the history of the Army-Navy rivalry. With 8:59 remaining in the first quarter, the Midshipmen lead the Black Knights, 10-0.

Another three-and-out for Army, who still hasn't attempted a pass but is getting nowhere against the run, but two consecutive Dobbs incompletions give the ball back in just over two minutes of game time.

With 4:37 remaining in the first quarter, Navy leads Army, 10-0.


Army-Navy Game: Field Goal Puts Navy Up Early, 3-0

We're underway in Philadelphia for the 2010 Army-Navy game, and right away records are being broken, with Black Knight Marcus Thomas breaking off his longest kick return of the 2010 season (38 yards).

Hey, check it out! A run! Ricky Dobbs opens play with a four-yard gain through the right side of the line, and on the second play from scrimmage, something else unusual happens: Dobbs loses the ball. It's recovered by the Knights, but on second down, the also-reliable Jared Hassin fumbles it right back to the Mids.

Remember what we said in the preview about Dobbs being a deceptive passing threat? That prowess is on display on first down, as he throws not in mid-stride, but in mid-run, hitting Aaron Santiago for a 31-yard gain. The drive stalls out on third down, however, and Navy must settle for a field goal. Joe Buckley's 36-yard try is good.

Time on the clock: 12:02 in the first quarter. Navy leads Army, 3-0.

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