ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 28: North Carolina State Wolfpack head coach Tom O'Brien celebrates after winning the Champs Sports Bowl against the West Virginia Mountineers at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium on December 28, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Champs Sports Bowl, No. 22 West Virginia Vs. NC State: 'Pack Wins Sloppy Slugfest, 23-7

The 2010 Champs Sports Bowl was an appallingly messy affair, despite the newly-repaired Citrus Bowl turf.

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Champs Sports Bowl, West Virginia Vs. NC State: Fewer Boneheaded Mistakes Hand 'Pack The Win

The fourth quarter of the 2010 Champs Sports Bowl is an entirely exasperating affair. There are turnovers. There are assorted scuffles on the field. There are announcers chortling openly at the caliber of play on the field before them and practically begging for the clock to be run out. We are inclined to agree with them.

The sequence of events, as politely as we can piece them together: Noel Devine loses the first ball, on West Virginia's first possession of the period. Josh Czajkowski misses a 27-yard field goal. Brandan Bishop flies into the cameras' field of vision out of nowhere to intercept a Geno Smith pass intended for Jock Sanders. State goes three-and-out. Tyler Bitancurt misses a 43-yard field goal. State goes three-and-out. Jock Sanders fumbles. Then, with 4:20 remaining in the game, in a broken play that suddenly is not, Russell Wilson scrambles Family Circus-style all over his own backfield and locates the hands of Jarvis Williams, and puts the ball in them. The 'Pack has 23 points, the most any squad has managed against West Virginia in all of 2010. Huge swaths of empty seats (even for the Citrus Bowl) are visible.

The night isn't over yet for the 'Eers, who manage one more fumble after allowing Geno Smith to be sacked on 2nd-and-2, a move that effectively ends the game. Tom O'Brien is doused with bile-colored Gatorade, and continues to display not a shred of human emotion, but not in a scary way like Urban Meyer. West Virginia fans hunker down and pray for the advent of Dana Holgorsen. Final score in Orlando: NC State 23, West Virginia 7.

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Champs Sports Bowl, West Virginia Vs. NC State: Kicky Third Quarter Extends 'Pack Lead

Significantly more action is on tap in the third quarter of the 2010 Champs Sports Bowl (read: get ready for some field goals!), where West Virginia enters trailing North Carolina State by a field goal.

James Washington, notably mostly for getting lit up by Sidney Glover in the second quarter, gets the lion-wolf-hybrid's share of carries in the period, beginning with NC State's first possession. It goes nowhere, but when Geno Smith fumbles four plays into West Virginia's answering drive, the 'Pack gets it right back. They won't get far against the stalwart 'Eers defense, but Josh Czajkowski is hitting some nice long bombs with his foot tonight, and boots a 38-yard field goal through.

Jock Sanders returns the answering kickoff 59 yards, but the Mountaineers turn it over on downs. This is the most West Virginia possession of 2010.

State still can't sniff the red zone, but no matter: Czajkowski's got another long kick in him, this one splitting the uprights from 40 yards out. At the end of the third quarter, NC State leads West Virginia, 16-7.

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Champs Sports Bowl, West Virginia Vs. NC State: 'Pack Holds Precarious Halftime Lead, 10-7

It's back to pass, scamper, punt as the first quarter of the 2010 Champs Sports Bowl draws to a close in Orlando and West Virginia grinds out another fruitless possession. The 'Eers defense appears happy to take their frustrations out on the opposing offense, as Sidney Glover lays out James Washington on the first play of the second quarter. Russell Wilson drills Darrell Davis for an 11-yard third-down conversion, and the 'Pack rolls on undeterred.

Undeterred, that is, until, at the 11:00 mark, with the team in comfortable scoring distance, NC State attempts to fake a field goal, and the fake goes terribly awry, with kicker Josh Czajkowski bobbling the initial flip from his holder and straight into 'Eer hands.

Geno Smith hits Jock Sanders for a beautiful 26-yard gain on first down, and two minutes later Tyler Bitancurt misses a 44-yard field goal attempt. If you've never seen the ACC play the Big East, just know that this is about how the rest of the night is going to go, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

A fumble by Wilson on first down sets the next 'Pack possession back, and the 'Eers make their ensuing drive count: In approximately four minutes, Geno Smith completes 26 yards' worth of passes, Noel Devine gets a 6-yard run on first down, and on second down, Smith hits the excellently-named Stedman Bailey (also his high school teammate!) over the middle for a 32-yard leaping touchdown. 

That'll do it for notable first-half action, save for a 45-yard Czajkowski field goal with 31 seconds remaining. After two quarters of play, NC State leads West Virginia, 10-7.

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Champs Sports Bowl, West Virginia Vs. NC State: 'Pack Draws First Blood

It turns out the Champs Sports Bowl is a lot easier to watch when it's not being played on the original Citrus Bowl chunky-style natural turf. It's also a rather serene evening, as NC State's band has been held up several states away due to nasty winter weather.

The offensive lines of both squads appear to have eaten too much funnel cake at the Magic Kingdom, as quarterback hurries and sacks characterize the first several possessions. A neatly-executed baseball slide from slugging NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is the lone highlight of the first ten minutes or so of play.

On the Pack's second drive, Wilson completes his second, third, and fourth passes for total gains of 40 yards to move his team to midfield, with Owen Spencer adding a nice 14-yard reception three plays later to edge NC State up to West Virginia's red zone. Two plays later, Wilson connects with Mustafa Green over the middle, resulting in a 16-yard touchdown scamper for the true freshman. With 2:00 remaining in the first quarter, NC State leads West Virginia, 7-0.

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