NEW YORK NY - DECEMBER 30: A general view of play between the Kansas State Wildcats and the Syracuse Orange during the New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium on December 30 2010 in New York New York. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Cuse Wins 36-34 After Celebration Penalty Spoils Comeback

The inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl is underway in the new Yankee Stadium, pitting the Syracuse Orange against the Kansas State Wildcats.

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Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Excessive Celebration Penalty Spoils Two-Point Attempt, Cats Fall 36-34

The Kansas St. Wildcats pulled off yet another amazing drive in a game chock full of them, driving 42 yards in five plays in under a minute and a half to potentially tie the game up. Wildcats WR Adrian Hilburn caught a pass from QB Carson Coffman and raced 30 yards up the right sideline, dropping the ball and saluting to the crowd from the end zone.

Referees flagged him for excessive celebration for the salute, which may be as unpatriotic as it is unchill. The penalty was assessed on the extra point try. Since Kansas State needed two to tie, this meant forcing them into a virtual fourth-and-goal from 18 yards out. Coffman’s pass was just a bit too high, essentially ending the game after a failed onside kick.

This was a wild, back-and-forth game full of big plays, star performances, gadgedtry, and bold coaching moves. (And terrible playing conditions.) To see it come down to a celebration penalty, especially on such a harmless celebration, is very disappointing.

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Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Orange up 36-28 With Two Minutes Left

Kansas St. Wildcats coach Bill Snyder didn’t come to Yankee Stadium to lose. Down 33-28 in Syracuse’s red zone with just over three minutes to go, the Wildcats ran a fake field goal in an attempt to take the lead. The Orange got the stop, then on their next offensive play put the Cats in even deeper trouble.

Syracuse RB Delone Carter broke free for 61 yards, putting him over 200 on the day. K-State’s defense limited the drive to a field goal, but the three-pointer still means the Wildcats need a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

This game has seen a nutty array of trick plays. I lost count of how many flea flickers we’ve seen, all of which were very successful. Wildcats QB Carson Coffman caught a pass, and both Wildcats RB Daniel Thomas and Cuse RB Antwon Bailey have attempted passes.

The Cats have driven into Cuse territory after a nice kick return, converting a first down with under two left.

For more on this game visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Bring On The Cats.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Marcus Sales Catches Third TD, Retaking Cuse Lead

Syracuse Orange WR Marcus Sales is having the game of a lifetime in the Pinstripe Bowl, with five catches for 174 yards and three touchdowns. The junior only had five career touchdowns coming into today, and today’s yardage total is only about 70 yards shy of what he put up throughout the entire regular season.

His most recent effort, a 44-yard bomb from QB Ryan Nassib, gave the Orange the lead again after a brief Kansas St. Wildcats edge. Syracuse missed an extra point on their previous drive, giving the Wildcats the lead upon a successful conversion. Cuse went for two after this touchdown to straighten up the books, but Nassib’s pass was tipped near the line.

Syracuse has outgained Kansas State by almost 160 yards. In a turnover-free game, I have no idea how the Wildcats are one decent drive from potentially taking a three-point lead, but here we are.

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Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Daniel Thomas TD After Missed Cuse Extra Point

At the end of the Pinstripe Bowl’s third quarter, the Syracuse Orange are up by six over the Kansas St. Wildcats. Should be seven, but a hooked extra point after a 15-yard touchdown run by RB Delone Carter had the Cats looking to take their first lead since the first quarter.

Carter has 128 yards, and joins K-State RB Daniel Thomas in rushing for multiple touchdowns.

On the responding drive, the Wildcats converted two fourth downs before Thomas ran in from the goal line on an option pitch, and Cuse has 11 minutes left to make up for that special teams misfire.

Both teams have displayed the virtues of clean livin’, committing no turnovers and only a handful of penalties between them. The field is not clean, and I’m going to keep mentioning how slick it is until somebody does something about it.

For more on this game visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Bring On The Cats.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Cuse Runs All Over The Cats, Up 21-14 In Third

The Syracuse Orange decided to try out the Kansas St. Wildcats game plan on their second half-opening drive, running the ball on all seven plays. RB Delone Carter hauled in the seven-yard score to retake the lead, putting himself over 100 yards for the fifth time this season.

Each of Syracuse’s seven runs gained yardage, with the shortest still good for four yards. RB Antwon Bailey also pitched in a 13-yard carry, putting him up to 44 on only five carries.

If K-State’s offense remains in character, this game could really start to pick up the pace. The Wildcats don’t have a very good rushing defense anyway. Cats RB Daniel Thomas must absolutely run wild every day in practice. Thomas is still sitting at 78 yards on the ground today.

K-State’s offense has not remained in character so far on the following drive, throwing on consecutive snaps.

For more on this game visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Bring On The Cats.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Daniel Thomas To The End Zone Again, Tie Ballgame

Kansas St. Wildcats RB Daniel Thomas ran in from 10 yards out, his second touchdown of the Pinstripe Bowl, tying up the game at 14 each late in the second quarter. The drive took seven plays to cover 73 yards, as K-State is running twice for each called pass play. Thomas has 78 yards on 12 carries, four more than QB Carson Coffman has through the air.

The Syracuse Orange have operated with nearly the same pass/run ratio, until their two-minute drive to end the half at least. Delone Carter and Antwon Bailey have combined for 87 yards while QB Ryan Nassib has thrown for 127.

The slick field continues to be a problem. Players had been sliding all over the place throughout the first half, with Nassib falling on a dropback during this two-minute drive, thus sacking himself. Thomas even slipped a little while kneeling to celebrate his second touchdown.

For more on this game visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Bring On The Cats.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Strike Two For Ryan Nassib, Orange Up 14-7

Syracuse Orange QB Ryan Nassib has pitched two touchdowns here at Yankee Stadium, and baseball puns will continue as long as they have to. The second was a 36-yard line drive up the middle, again to Marcus Sales. Sales has now tripled his seasonal touchdown total, and tripled is also a baseball term. 110 yards is also Sales’ season high by almost 40 yards, and we have over a half to go.

Cuse has about 100 more yards than do the Kansas St. Wildcats. The Cats are running the ball well, but getting nothing going in the air, not that that’s any sort of a surprise. On their most recent drive they were forced to punt and could’ve come up with the muffed punt fumble (tried to warn you about Cuse’s return man), but penalties occurred.

For more on this game visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Bring On The Cats.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State VIDEO: Ryan Nassib's Flea Flicker Touchdown

Star Kansas St. Wildcats RB Daniel Thomas didn’t take long to make his presence known at Yankee Stadium, bursting for a 51-yard touchdown run on the second offensive play of the game. This means a Midwesterner scored the first Pinstripe Bowl touchdown in Syracuse’s extended backyard.

A round of three-and-outs followed, then a lengthy Cuse drive that took forever and went not much of anywhere. The thing took five minutes and 12 plays, but went only 28 yards. I’m still trying to figure out what I just watched.

Cuse eventually got it going after a big run by RB Delone Carter set up a flea flicker deep to WR Marcus Sales by QB Ryan Nassib for a touchdown.

Via @bubbaprog

Playing conditions have been an issue, with two Wildcats nearly doing accidental splits and Syracuse’s punt returner looking like that one third baseman Alex Rodriguez screamed at. Dismal crowds suggest this may actually be the ninth inning of a Yankees playoff game, so.

For more on this game visit Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Bring On The Cats.


College Bowl Picks, Pinstripe Bowl: Syracuse Vs. Kansas State

The 2010 college football postseason rattles on toward Glendale, and it's time to place all your money set aside for Christmas shopping on ridiculous, half-assed bowl games played by largely inept football teams. Degenerate gamblers, start your engines. Now playing: Syracuse and Kansas State in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

The line: Vegas is iffy on this game, favoring K-State by as much as 2.5 and Syracuse by as much as a point.

Notable Syracuse units: Try notably bad, brah: The Orange rank 106th nationally in total offense, relying largely on their 13th-ranked scoring defense to put up points and their 5th-ranked pass defense to keep opponents' scoreboard aspirations in check.

Notable Kansas State units: The Wildcats manage to field a top-20 offense that never, ever passes the ball, which should keep them well off the Orange secondary's radar.

The pick: This is senior Wildcat RB Daniel Thomas' swan song in purple, and we're betting he's raring to put on a show for the scouts. K-State by a touchdown or two.

The 2010 Pinstripe Bowl kicks off at 3:20 p.m. EST. The game will be televised on ESPN. Browse our 2010 college football postseason schedule for a complete list of bowls.


2011 NFL Draft Prospects: Daniel Thomas Could Go As Early As Second Round

When Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas takes the field at Yankee Stadium in Thursday afternoon's Pinstripe Bowl, it will be the senior's last chance to showcase his abilities for NFL scouts against live competition. The 6'2" 228 lb native of Florida is highly regarded among many draft predictors, CBS Sports has Thomas going in the second round and among the best players available at running back, while SB Nation's Mocking the Draft predicts he will be a fifth round pickup at 140th overall. The former junior college standout ran for over 1200 yards in both seasons for the Wildcats, and should go over 1500 yards today if he has a productive game. In just two years at Kansas State, Thomas has risen to third on the career rushing list there, and has the second most yards in a single season for the Wildcats.

The Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium kicks off Thursday afternoon at 3:20 p.m. EST. Follow along in this StoryStream and visit Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician and Bring on the Cats for team-centric coverage.


2011 NFL Draft Prospects: Syracuse Delone Carter A Possible Third Rounder

The Pinstripe Bowl, held Thursday afternoon in Yankee Stadium, will feature an Orange running back who hopes to use the national stage to improve his draft stock. 5'9" 216 lb. Syracuse senior Delone Carter is projected by CBS sports to be drafted as early as the third round in the coming NFL draft, while SB Nation's own Mocking the Draft has Carter going in the sixth round.

Carter's career at Syracuse has been marked by ups and downs. As a freshman, he led the Orange in rushing yards and was named a Freshman All-American by the Sporting News, but his following two years were marred by injury.

His senior season has seen him return to his earlier form though, as he racked up over 1000 yards and earned a second team All Big East honor. When he faces off against Kansas State Thursday night, he will have a chance to demonstrate his skills for a national audience.

The Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium will kick off Thursday afternoon at 3:20 ET. Follow along in this StoryStream, and visit Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician and Bring on the Cats for team-centric coverage.


2010 Pinstripe Bowl Game: Time, Location, History And More

To help prime you for Thursday's college football quadrupleheader, we've compiled this handy list of fun factoids concerning the 2010 Pinstripe Bowl.

Proper name: The New Era Pinstripe Bowl, reminding us that what's new isn't always what's good.

Setting: This will be the second college football game played at the new Yankee Stadium, which you may have heard a little bit about.

Traditional conference pairing: This is the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl, but tie-ins going forward will include the Big East, Big 12, and Notre Dame (for maximum hatefulness).

2010 matchup: It's a short trip for one team: The 7-5 Syracuse Orange will face the 7-5 Kansas State Wildcats.

Announcers: For the second consecutive day, bowl viewers will be under the wing of a Griese (this time the younger), along with Bob Wischusen and Eamon McAnaney.

Neatest fact: The new Yankee Stadium is not actually located in Manhattan, but you'll never guess that from the number of Manhattan, Kansas jokes the announcers will make.

Tidbits of interest: It's a football field in Yankee Stadium! Did you know?

The 2010 Pinstripe Bowl kicks off at 3:30 p.m. EST, Thursday, December 30. The game will be televised on ESPN. For a complete list of bowls, browse our 2010 college football postseason schedule.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Third Time's The Charm For Orange And Wildcats

When you think of rivalries through the years, Syracuse vs. Kansas State doesn't exactly come to mind. And yet, you could argue that these two teams have become something of bowl rivals over the course of the last thirteen years.

The 2010 Pinstripe Bowl will be the third bowl game battle between these two teams since 1997. The Orange will have played the Wildcats in three of their last six bowls, the Wildcats will have seen the Orange in three of their last nine.

It's not exactly Oklahoma-Nebraska but hey, the Orange will have played Kansas State more often than they've played traditional rival Penn State over the same time period.

The first bowl matchup between the two took place on much more esteemed grounds. The 1997 Fiesta Bowl pitted the No. 10 Kansas State Wildcats, led by wily QB Michael Bishop, against the No. 14 Orangemen, led by wily QB Donovan McNabb. It was supposed to be a showdown between the two athletic quarterbacks but it turned into more of a national coming-out party for the Wildcats.

The Orange took an early 3-0 lead thanks to Nate Trout's field goal. From there on out it was mostly Kansas State's day. The Wildcats scored 21 second-quarter points and took a 21-15 lead into the half. The game remained close in the third quarter but eventually Bishop and the Cats broke through, scoring 14 fourth-quarter points en route to a 35-18 victory. The loss ended Syracuse's bowl game winning streak at seven.

In 2001, the two squads met again in Arizona, though this time the setting was slightly less classy. The Bowl hosted the 9-3 Orange and the 6-5 Wildcats and this time the roles were reversed.

RB James Mungro kicked things off with a touchdown run for Syracuse and they never looked back. The Wildcats could muster only a first-half field goal as Mungro scored two more TDs before the half to make it 19-3. The Orangemen finished off the Cats with one more score to win the game 26-3.

And so the rivalry has stood since then. Tied one apiece...until the 2010 Pinstripe Bowl. Finally, the world will know which program is the greatest in the world...Kansas State or Syracuse.


Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Yankee Stadium Goes Bowling

The first-ever Pinstripe Bowl, held in New York City's Yankee Stadium, pairs the 7-5 Syracuse Orange and the 7-5 Kansas St. Wildcats. It's Cuse's first bowl game since 2004 after five straight losing seasons, but the bigger bowl return story is K-State coach Bill Snyder.

Snyder led the Cats to 11 straight bowls and four straight 11-win seasons before a couple of down years led to Ron Prince's illustrious campaign. After Prince had righted the program with a pair of near-winning seasons, it took Snyder just two years in his second tenure to reach the Pinstripe. And here we are, Snyder's first bowl since the 2003 Fiesta.

Kansas State's explosive ground game features RB Daniel Thomas, eighth in the nation in yards from scrimmage. And the Cats will be likely to lean on Thomas even more than usual, as Syracuse's strength is its secondary, fifth in the nation in yards allowed per pass.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream right up through game time, as we review key unit matchups, odds, bowl history and more, and connect with Syracuse fans at SB Nation's Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Kansas State fans at Bring On The Cats. For a complete list of bowl games, browse our 2010 college football postseason schedule.

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