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Big Ten expansion: Who's next?

The Big Ten kickstarted realignment again, snagging Rutgers and Maryland. Check back here for the latest college conference realignment news.

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Rutgers goes B1G

The Scarlet Knights are officially members of the Big Ten. This mainly concerns their neighbor that the conference hopes to woo and their neighbor that they hope to beat on the field.


Delany should be 'compelled' by B1G fan concerns

Adding Maryland and Rutgers risks what's left of the Big Ten's football reputation, no matter how many television markets it opens up.


Delany dismisses concerns about quality of Big Ten additions

The Big Ten commissioner is unimpressed with our own Luke Zimmermann's issues with the Big Ten's two newest programs.


The Big Ten welcome guide

Say hello to your new conference foes, Maryland and Rutgers!


Clueless politicians want another Big Ten school

Can't wait for Salukis vs. Buckeyes in Carbondale.


Maryland doesn't have copy of Big Ten contract

The university couldn't answer an open records request because they don't have a copy of the deal. Intercollegiate athletics sure is weird.


OSU AD says Big Ten not pursuing realignment

Ohio State's Gene Smith says the Big Ten isn't actively going after any realignment opportunities at the moment, meaning rumors of ACC teams with open offers to join the conference last week may have been inaccurate.


Eying the entire ACC

Don't blame us when you're totally unprepared to assess Clemson-to-the Big Ten rumors.


Actual Big Ten survey on division names

Because some traditions are just too good to get thrown out at the drop of a hat. Come on, Internet. Show the realignment tycoons what you've got.


Rutgers suing Big East

The school wants withdrawal requirements and fees voided as it makes its way to the Big Ten.


Yep, there are GT/UVa to B1G rumors

There's nothing out there on Georgia Tech or Virginia and the Big Ten that we consider unimpeachable. But if you'd like to know where the latest rumors are coming from, here you go.


Georgia Tech denies Big Ten rumors

Yellow Jackets officials have denied that Georgia Tech might jump conferences.


Spilly's B1G meal

For his Monday meal, Spilly welcomes Maryland and Rutgers to the B1G with traditional culinary delights.


Big East wishes Rutgers well

Big East Conference commissioner Mike Aresco released a statement Tuesday addressing the departure of Rutgers University.


The internet welcomes Maryland to the Big Ten

The internet responds to the Big Ten adding Rutgers and Maryland. (We think it's good.)


Meet your new neighbors

Let's run down the hows and whys of the Big Ten's apparent additions of Maryland and Rutgers to the roster, including a look at the 10 (or so) biggest-ever football games for each.


Party beverages of the new Big Ten

The Big Ten is a conference of history and inexpensive adult beverages. Let's review the new landscape.


Big Ten 'not a Midwest conference' any more

Maryland president Wallace Loh, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and others spoke Monday about the Terps' conference switch.


Maryland to the Big Ten: recruiting impact

The Terps should be able to recruit Pennsylvania and will have a harder time in the South, but the real winners could be the rest of the Big Ten.


The New Big Ten divisions

Yeah, but that title doesn't really tell us a whole lot about who ends up where. Nobody knows which division is which. And what about protected rivalry games?


Things to know: Maryland/Rutgers to Big Ten

SB Nation's Spencer Hall, Dan Rubenstein, Bud Elliott, Bill Connelly and Jason Kirk convene to discuss what the Maryland and Rutgers moves mean for the Big Ten, ACC, and Big East.


Rutgers reportedly gone too

As expected, Rutgers will reportedly announce on Tuesday that it'll leave the Big East for the Big Ten, which would give the conference 14 members in 2014.


Maryland to Big Ten in 2014

Maryland is joining the Big Ten. This is happening. You can watch it happen Monday afternoon.


Maryland to Big Ten likely

Monday could see Maryland announce plans to leave the ACC for the Big Ten, with Rutgers coming along from the Big East as well.


Maryland, Rutgers to Big Ten? Whoa

Conference realignment is back? Conference realignment is always with us. The Big Ten might be about to pull Maryland and Rutgers from the ACC and Big East, establishing a swath of land from the Atlantic coast to Nebraska and adding two big TV markets (and traditionally lackluster athletic departments). WHO'S FIRED UP?


Maryland Twitter fires 'Carolina Bias' shots

Yeah, this is gonna be really awkward if this falls through. (These tweets have since been deleted.)


Maryland, Rutgers could join Big Ten

Hey, is it football Saturday? Have we made it through a whole bunch of football Saturdays in a row without conference realignment news? WELL GOOD HERE COMES SOME.


Notre Dame To The Big 12 And Other Best/Worst Case Scenarios For Conference Realignment

While we wait for the late-summer conference realignment scramble, let's go ahead and prepare ourselves for the best and the worst.


What's Your College Football Program Worth? Introducing Realignment Value Rankings

If we're going to follow conference realignment as if it's a sport, we might as well come up with a scoring system.


Nebraska Hopes Begin Play In Big Ten In 2011

While it's still technically not official -- the Big Ten still has to accept Nebraska; in theory, they could deny the application -- for all intents and purposes, the Huskers are off to play in the Big Ten. And if it were up to them, they'll make the move as soon as possible. As in, next season. They want out of the Big 12, and they want out now, according to Harvey Perlman, Chancellor of Nebraska. 

"If the Big Ten accepts, it would be our hope to begin competitive integration in 2011 and play one more season in the Big 12."

And as those leaving for what they deem are greener pastures are apt to do, Perlman made sure to leave the Big 12 with some parting thoughts.

"This will bring Nebraska the stability that the Big 12 cannot offer."

"Any penalty imposed on the university of nebraska (to leave Big 12) would be inappropriate."


Nebraska Accepts Invitation, Officially Joins Big Ten Conference

The Big Ten has its 12th team.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska has officially accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference.

Two sources from conference offices said that Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany contacted BIg 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe on Friday morning to inform Beebe that Delany had officially invited Nebraska to join.

A source with direct knowledge of the situation said Nebraska accepted.

The Huskers are the second team to leave the Big 12, after Colorado's move to the Pac-10 on Thursday.

SB Nation's Nebraska blog, Corn Nation, has some very early reaction:

I'm in shock... We knew this was going to happen, yet now that it has, I'm not sure what to say, or at least anything that's different than what I've already said about it. 

There will be plenty of questions coming up, and we'll deal with them shortly. Probably the most important is - when do we start Big 10 play? 

In any case, Husker fans - we've joined the Big 10.

What now for the Big 12 conference? Perhaps Chip Brown already gave us that answer.

Several officials in the Big 12 South have said if Nebraska leaves the conference, the Big 12 is dead.

Expect plenty more on this at Corn Nation.


Fox Sports Ohio: Big 10 Has Formally Extended Invite To Nebraska

Earlier on Wednesday, Chip Brown from reported that Nebraska had agreed to an offer to join the Big Ten, with an announcement expected to come on Friday (he also declared the Big 12 dead while he was at it).

Now, Fox Sport Ohio is reporting the Big Ten has indeed made a formal invitation to the Huskers, and sources are telling ESPN that Osborne "informed athletic staff members within the past 24 hours that the Cornhuskers were going to make the move to the Big Ten conference."

This all comes after the Big 12 conference asked its teams for a "loyalty pledge" over the weekend, and just nine schools complied, with Nebraska and Missouri opting out. The league responded to those teams with an ultimatum that a decision must come by Friday if they decided to stay. Apparently, Nebraska AD Tom Osborne had enough:

"I think before too long - I don't know exactly what that time frame is - we'll be able to put this to bed,'' said Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne, "because I'm getting tired of it.''

Assuming the Big Ten adds Nebraska -- at this point, it sounds like a done deal -- the conference may not be done adding teams. Chip Brown details in his report that Notre Dame could be the next target.

The future of the Big 12 appeared to hinge on the Big Ten's deliberations with Notre Dame. The Big Ten has promised Notre Dame it will stop its expansion at 12 schools if Notre Dame agrees to finally forgo its independence and become part of a conference, an athletic director with knowledge of the Big Ten has told

Notre Dame is apparently locked in a battle among its Board of Trustees about what to do. There are some who fear the Irish being left out of the formation of what could well become four, super conferences in college athletics. That could cost Notre Dame its access to a BCS bid.


Report: Nebraska Agrees To Leave For Big Ten

According to Chip Brown of, the first domino in college football conference expansion has fallen.

"Nebraska regents have informally Nebraska regents have informally agreed to leave for the Big Ten," says Brown, with an official announcement set for Friday.

This comes after Tuesday's report from the World-Herald that the Huskers would indeed become the Big Ten's 12th team by the end of the week.

What would this mean for the Big 12? Back to Chip Brown: Several officials in the Big 12 South have said if Nebraska leaves the conference, the Big 12 is dead.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

For all things Nebraska, visit Corn Nation, and for the latest updates to this story check back with this StoryStream.


Big 10 Sticking To Original Time Plan For Expansion

So much for Jim Delany and the Big 10 fast tracking expansion this summer.  Today, at the the Big Ten's spring meetings in Chicago, Commissioner Delany insisted that the league is staying with their original time line of 12-18 months for evaluating teams that would fit in the Big 10.  The earliest that the Big 10 would finish their expansion study would be this upcoming November.  That would mean that any team that would receive an invite to the Big 10 would begin play in the fall of 2012. 

This means that the Big East is saved -- at least for now -- from being a foot note in the history books of college football.  After, all is said and done who would have thought the expansion move this summer would involve Boise State joining the Mountain West.  Well, maybe?


Big 10 Expansion Reaction: Nebraska Listening To All Offers

In all of this expansion talk there has not been a single team that has been as open to possibly move leagues then Nebraska.  Missouri has expressed interest in the Big 10 partly because of the inequity of the Big XII television deal, but Nebraska seems to be putting themselves out there to the highest bidder:

"My [Harvey Perlman] instinct and Tom's instinct isn't just to sit around and wait to see what bad things happen to you," the chancellor said. "We're certainly talking about what options we have."  Perlman said he wants the Big 12 to succeed. But that doesn't mean a move by Nebraska to any other power conference has been ruled out.

"I don't think anyone can dismiss anything out of hand," he said. "If you take the wildest predictions about mega-conferences - 16 is the number you see most, but 24 has been floated though not publicly - we certainly have to act in the interest of Nebraska."

The highest bidder for Nebraska is obviously The Big 10 since they can double their revenue from the $7 - $11 million they currently get from the Big XII to $22 million that The Big 10 can offer.   Money is what will drive Nebraska to the Big 10 if they are extended an offer.  


Big 10 Expansion Reaction: SEC Looking Internally At Expansion Options

The one league that seemed to not to be looking into expanding was the SEC what with their latest 15 year and nearly $3 billion television contract between ESPN and CBS.  SEC commissioner Mike Slive says their league is going to stay pat with their twelve members for the next year, but is going to be pro-active if super leagues start forming:

"Given the success we've experienced over the past decade, we are comfortable in the position in which we find ourselves," he said. "Having said that, if there's going to be a significant shift in the conference paradigm, the SEC will be strategic and thoughtful in order to maintain its position as one of the nation's premiere conferences."

The league is conducting internal studies about the expansion topic to weigh the pros and cons, but Slive has said no teams have been discussed.  This where the fun game of speculation comes in to try and pick out a few teams that the SEC would go after if they were to expand.  If the 16 team super conferences become a reality, the SEC should go for a home run and go after Texas, Texas A&M, Miami, and Florida State.   

Outside of landing the two Texas schools -- mainly University of Texas -- the SEC really has no benefit in expanding beyond what they have now.

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