College Football Rankings Preview: Oklahoma, Wisconsin Upset To Cap Wild Saturday

Oklahoma and Wisconsin fell on Saturday night and the latest college football rankings will have a different look come Sunday afternoon.

Remember all the talk about all those undefeated teams and how there would be chaos when they made it through the season undefeated? It seems to happen every year. Six or seven weeks in, we think we know everything, yet in a moment it all goes down the drain. Saturday was one of those moments.

The chaos came late, with one big upset happening in an evening game and the other taking place after a lightning delay, pushing the conclusion deep into the night. Wisconsin was the first to drop, and did so in dramatic fashion as Michigan State converted a tip-drill Hail Mary for the win. Just a few hours later, it was No. 3 Oklahoma's turn, with Texas Tech hanging on for dear life in a three-point win. Just as we all predicted.

What's it all mean? Expect Oklahoma and Wisconsin to fall, obviously. But which teams will jump up in the standings? It seems likely Boise State will get the short end of the stick, with Stanford and Clemson taking advantage of the miscues atop the rankings.

Here's a look at the scores that mattered on Saturday.

No. 1 LSU 45, Auburn 10. Even without its suspended starters, LSU was flat dominant again. The Tigers continue to look every part of their No. 1 ranking.

No. 2 Alabama 37, Tennessee 6. Of course, Alabama is on a collision course with LSU, making for one hell of a game in two weeks. Two dominant defenses and teams full of talent in a battle for the No. 1 spot? Not going to find many people not looking forward to this.

Texas Tech 41, No. 3 Oklahoma 38. So much for that. Oklahoma shot itself in the foot, Texas Tech played out of its mind and the Sooners' BCS Championship went down the drain while half of America was sleeping. Good morning!

No. 4 Oklahoma State 45, Missouri 24. Justin Blackmon exited early for precautionary reasons (concussion, reportedly), but it didn't matter. Oklahoma State is still off to the races, but that fun Bedlam matchup we were all looking forward to looks a little less intriguing right now.

No. 5 Boise State 37, Air Force 26. Yes, Air Force is a difficult matchup to prepare for. And yes, Boise State did survive at home. But this one was far from convincing and didn't earn the Broncos any style points.

No. 16 Michigan State 37, No. 6 Wisconsin 31. Nothing needs to be said. Just watch this over and over.

No. 7 Clemson 59, North Carolina 38. We're just going to have to confront the reality of Clemson being a top-five team.

No. 8 Stanford 65, Washington 21. At this point, it seems only Oregon will test Stanford in a huge Pac-12 North matchup. This was supposed to be the test for the Cardinal. Instead, it was a clinic as Stanford dismantled the Huskies.

No. 9 Arkansas 29, Ole Miss 24. Again, no style points here. Arkansas had to rally, but still came away the win. It wasn't pretty by any means, though.

No. 10 Oregon 45, Colorado 2. Oregon had this in the bag by halftime and let up. So close to a shutout!

No. 11 Kansas State 59, Kansas 21. And now we have to deal with Kansas State in the top-10. College football is a scary place.

No. 12 Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 14. This was a game at halftime and Boston College even led! So much for that.

No. 13 Nebraska 41, Minnesota 13. At least the game was entertaining. No, not because of superb play or execution; Minnesota is a ball of comical mistakes.

Syracuse 49, No. 14 West Virginia 23. Almost forgot about this one, but what in the world, Holgo? The Big East is on fire, you guys.

No. 17 Texas A&M 33, Iowa State 17. Steele Jantz was benched, which is the biggest tragedy in all of this.

No. 19 Houston 63, Marshall 28. Would love to see Case Keenum and the Cougars in a BCS game just for the balls-to-the-wall, throw it all around offensive explosion.

No. 21 Penn State 34, Northwestern 24. Where in the hell did this Penn State offense come from? And where did the defense go? Whose team is this?

Miami 24, No. 22 Georgia Tech. It was fun while it lasted, Yellowjackets.

Purdue 21, No. 23 Illinois 14. It was fun while it lasted, Zook.

And here's a look at the polls. The BCS Standings preview will be along shortly. This is what the BCS looked like last week.

1 LSU 7-0
2 Alabama 7-0
3 Oklahoma 6-0
4 Oklahoma State 6-0
5 Boise State 6-0
6 Wisconsin 6-0
7 Clemson 7-0
8 Stanford 6-0
9 Arkansas 5-1
10 Oregon 5-1
11 Kansas State 6-0
12 Virginia Tech 6-1
13 Nebraska 5-1
14 South Carolina 6-1
15 West Virginia 5-1
16 Michigan State 5-1
17 Texas A&M 4-2
18 Michigan 6-1
19 Houston 6-0
20 Auburn 5-2
21 Penn State 6-1
22 Georgia Tech 6-1
23 Illinois 6-1
24 Texas 4-2
25 Washington 5-1

Here's a look at last week's AP Poll. The latest poll will be released around noon on Sunday.

1 LSU (41) 7-0 1452
2 Alabama (11) 7-0 1411
3 Oklahoma (6) 6-0 1372
4 Wisconsin 6-0 1252
5 Boise State (1) 6-0 1218
6 Oklahoma State 6-0 1186
7 Stanford 6-0 1164
8 Clemson 7-0 1064
9 Oregon 5-1 1020
10 Arkansas 5-1 946
11 West Virginia 5-1 778
12 Kansas State 6-0 762
13 Nebraska 5-1 748
14 South Carolina 6-1 690
15 Michigan State 5-1 610
16 Virginia Tech 6-1 597
17 Texas A&M 4-2 467
18 Michigan 6-1 442
19 Auburn 5-2 374
20 Georgia Tech 6-1 281
21 Houston 6-0 238
22 Washington 5-1 221
23 Illinois 6-1 207
24 Georgia 5-2 144
24 Arizona State 5-2 144

Here is last week's USA Today Coaches' Poll.

1 Oklahoma (31) 6-0 1426
2 LSU (15) 7-0 1410
3 Alabama (12) 7-0 1403
4 Wisconsin (1) 6-0 1262
5 Stanford 6-0 1222
6 Oklahoma State 6-0 1173
7 Boise State 6-0 1172
8 Clemson 7-0 1028
8 Oregon 5-1 1028
10 Arkansas 5-1 931
11 Nebraska 5-1 775
12 South Carolina 6-1 765
13 Michigan State 5-1 690
14 West Virginia 5-1 688
14 Virginia Tech 6-1 688
16 Kansas State 6-0 678
17 Michigan 6-1 458
18 Texas A&M 4-2 415
19 Georgia Tech 6-1 396
20 Houston 6-0 359
21 Illinois 6-1 260
22 Penn State 6-1 253
23 Auburn 5-2 202
24 Washington 5-1 174
25 Arizona State 5-2 86
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