Big East Expansion: Every Football School Moves Into 'What's Best For Us' Mode

With the news that West Virginia has one foot out the door of the Big East, the rest of the conference's football schools are forced to buckle down and get ready for their next move. Based on the statements and comments made by many of them, that move is going to be whatever is it the best interest of their school and not the Big East Conference.

Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti

"The landscape in collegiate athletics continues to be a very fluid situation and we continue to be involved in discussions. We remain extremely confident that the result once the movement concludes will be very positive for Rutgers University.

"While there is going to be a period of time between now and then that will cause our constituents and fans a certain level of anxiety, given the unique assets we possess, including our strong and growing academic profile, our AAU status and the location and high level of interest surrounding Rutgers in the nation’s largest television market, we feel confident in the end result for Rutgers."

UConn President Susan Herbst:

"No conference relies on a single member or even a few so I wish West Virginia well. They are a fine opponent and a fine institution, and they need to do what is best for their programs. The Big East is working on excellent expansion plans that will make us very strong, and will also make any future departures unproblematic.

"I am not concerned about any particular schools leaving since our masterplans are bold, and will carry us effectively into the competitive long-term of college athletics. We are working in a careful, considered way, and all will be well."

Cincinnati President Greg Williams:

"Obviously, it’s a changing landscape and we have to be as prepared as we can to be fully cognizant of that and figure out what’s best for the Big East and the University of Cincinnati."

"We feel that the Big East is the best spot for us right now and we’re paying close attention to what’s happening round the country. We’ll figure out what’s best for the University of Cincinnati."

Cincinnati AD Whit Babcock:

"And right now, I don't know that the Big East has either [trust and stability]. But there's a chance to pull it together with the addition of teams, and once we see what the Big 12 does, hopefully things will settle down and the Big East can build back. But that trust and stability right now is wavering, and we've got to get that back."

"I think it all has to play out. Schools certainly should be loyal to the conference, but I also know that (the school president's) job is to do what's in the best interests of the University of Cincinnati, so you really have a dual role there.

Stay tuned to SB Nation's conference realignment news section.

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