VIDEO: Virginia Tech Fans, 'Enter Sandman' And Ruining A Moment

For my money, this right here was the best moment of college football's sixth week, or at least it would've been if not for some really aggressive announcing of things that didn't need to be announced. The Virginia Tech Hokies needed one stop of the Miami Hurricanes to assure themselves of a home win. The fourth quarter had been back-and-forth, with neither team able to contain the other's running back, let alone its entire offense.

As Jacory Harris and the Canes offense took a time out to map out its last attempt, Lane Stadium's signature tune hit the air (video via Virginia Tech blog Gobbler Country):

You wonderful Appalachians. 

Never, never, never, ever thought I'd say this, but that was a pretty good job by Craig JJJJJJJJJAaklflfdlfsffs. That was a pretty good job by Braig JAmf...... Craig James. Good job, Craig James, for pointing out what the crowd was doing and then shutting up so we can observe. Mike Patrick, on the other hand:

"Look at this! This is just spectacular!"

We are looking at it. We'd prefer to hear it, too.

"These pe he he he ople are losing their mind!"

Your comments are enhancing my appreciation of this moment!

"This is beautiful!"


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i think i miss craig james

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