College Football Rankings Preview: LSU, Alabama Still On Collision Course

LSU is still dominant, a rematch is inevitable and upsets were missing in action this week. We preview the college football rankings with a look back at the week that was.

The last full weekend of regular season college football came to a close with more of a fizzle than a bang. Rivalry games were abound, but after the chaos last weekend there was no way this slate of games could measure up. In fact, little should change in the forthcoming college football rankings, thanks to a schedule mostly devoid of upsets, or even close games.

LSU is still your consensus No. 1 and showed why with a thumping of No. 3 Arkansas on Black Friday. Alabama is still the easy No. 2 after taking the wood to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. And Oklahoma State was idle, marinating on its loss to Iowa State ahead of a Bedlam date with Oklahoma.

While Arkansas' loss will shake up the rankings, and break up the all-SEC top-three, there shouldn't be a massive shift when the polls and BCS standings are released on Sunday. To measure the landscape, here's a look at the top-25 games.

No. 1 LSU 41, No. 3 Arkansas 17. The game of the week took place on Friday and LSU continued its run of dominance. There shouldn't have been any questions about the Tigers before Friday, and there certainly aren't now.

No. 2 Alabama 41, No. 24 Auburn 14. And your clear number two is... Alabama brought its hammer to the Iron Bowl and we're pretty much staring down a rematch in the BCS Championship game. The Crimson Tide's regular season is over, and all that's left is a waiting game.

No. 5 Virginia Tech 38, Virginia 0. The Hokies win their division and are quietly hanging around near the top of the rankings. For whatever reason, I keep forgetting about Virginia Tech, and for whatever reason it keeps winning.

No. 6 Stanford 28, No. 22 Notre Dame 14. Odds seem pretty high Andrew Luck plays his final game at a BCS bowl. This, of course, assumes Andrew Luck is off to the NFL Draft, but stranger things have happened.

No. 7 Boise State 36, Wyoming 14. Wyoming made this a game for a bit! And Boise State is still kicking itself for that ... kick. What might have been.

No. 8 Houston 48, Tulsa 16. Still rooting like hell for Houston in the BCS Championship; still understand it won't happen.

No. 9 Oklahoma 26, Iowa State 6. Looked like the Sooners were about to fall victim to the Iowa State curse, but they ended up cheating death and pulling away. Would've been quite the double for the Cyclones. Oh and Bedlam's next week!

No. 10 Oregon 49, Oregon State 21. And your second Pac-12 team in a BCS bowl is probably Oregon, assuming the Ducks beat UCLA in the inaugural Pac-12 Championship. Doesn't seem like much of a stretch, does it?

No. 12 South Carolina 34, No. 17 Clemson 13. Clemson's season just kind of skidded off the rails, but the Tigers still have a chance at some form of redemption when they meet Virginia Tech next week.

No. 13 Georgia 31, No. 23 Georgia Tech 17. And now, Georgia moves on to face the buzzsaw that is LSU. This display behind the Bulldogs bench was also a nice touch.

No. 14 Michigan State 31, Northwestern 17. And the Spartans stand alone as the best Leaders of them all.

No. 15 Michigan 40, Ohio State 34. Michigan's long national nightmare ends and Brady Hoke has a successful first season at the helm.

No. 16 Wisconsin 45, No. 19 Penn State 7. Again, if not for those two Hail Marys, the Russell Wilson show might have been called back for a curtain call and a date with Les Miles.

No. 18 Baylor 66, Texas Tech 45. Let's keep in mind Robert Griffin III sat for the second half with concussion symptoms, and the backup quarterback hung 35 more points on Tech. This offense is so fun to watch.

No. 21 Nebraska 20, Iowa 7. This just ... well, it wasn't pretty. Like Taylor Martinez's throwing motion ugly.

No. 25 Texas 27, Texas A&M 25. And so the rivalry ends, at least temporarily. And Texas sends the Aggies off to the SEC in style, with a win on a last-second field goal.

Here's last week's BCS standings. The latest will be released on Sunday night and BCS Guru's latest projections will be along shortly.

1 LSU 11-0
2 Alabama 10-1
3 Arkansas 10-1
4 Oklahoma State 10-1
5 Virginia Tech 10-1
6 Stanford 10-1
7 Boise State 9-1
8 Houston 11-0
9 Oklahoma 8-2
10 Oregon 9-2
11 Kansas State 9-2
12 South Carolina 9-2
13 Georgia 9-2
14 Michigan State 9-2
15 Michigan 9-2
16 Wisconsin 9-2
17 Clemson 9-2
18 Baylor 7-3
19 Penn State 9-2
20 TCU 9-2
21 Nebraska 8-3
22 Notre Dame 8-3
23 Georgia Tech 8-3
24 Auburn 7-4
25 Texas 6-4

Here's the AP Poll from last week. The latest will be released at the same bat time: sometime around noon Eastern.

1 LSU (60) 11-0 1500
2 Alabama 10-1 1440
3 Arkansas 10-1 1376
4 Stanford 10-1 1224
5 Oklahoma State 10-1 1206
6 Virginia Tech 10-1 1133
7 Boise State 9-1 1025
8 Houston 11-0 1018
9 Oregon 9-2 1008
10 USC 9-2 964
11 Michigan State 9-2 876
12 Oklahoma 8-2 819
13 Georgia 9-2 815
14 South Carolina 9-2 762
15 Wisconsin 9-2 714
16 Kansas State 9-2 682
17 Michigan 9-2 527
18 Clemson 9-2 515
19 TCU 9-2 456
20 Penn State 9-2 398
21 Baylor 7-3 383
22 Nebraska 8-3 155
22 Notre Dame 8-3 155
24 Virginia 8-3 147
25 Georgia Tech 8-3 77

Finally, the latest Coaches Poll. The latest is set to be released right around the same time as the AP Poll.

1 LSU (59) 11-0 1475
2 Alabama 10-1 1413
3 Arkansas 10-1 1349
4 Virginia Tech 10-1 1242
5 Stanford 10-1 1222
6 Oklahoma State 10-1 1156
7 Houston 11-0 1075
8 Boise State 9-1 982
9 Oregon 9-2 933
10 Michigan State 9-2 928
11 Oklahoma 8-2 826
12 Wisconsin 9-2 808
13 South Carolina 9-2 806
14 Georgia 9-2 803
15 Kansas State 9-2 671
16 Michigan 9-2 618
17 Clemson 9-2 587
18 TCU 9-2 494
19 Penn State 9-2 455
20 Baylor 7-3 302
21 Georgia Tech 8-3 203
22 Nebraska 8-3 165
23 West Virginia 7-3 158
24 Notre Dame 8-3 156
25 Virginia 8-3 154
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