Jerry Sandusky Case: Joe Paterno Reported Incident To Tim Curley

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's office has released documents relating to former Penn St. Nittany Lions assistant Jerry Sandusky's charges of committing sex crimes against young boys. Sandusky was charged with a couple dozen felonies and a number of misdemeanors, while athletic director Tim Curley and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz were hit with a count of perjury each, with Curley telling the grand jury that he felt the allegations against Sandusky were "not that serious."

These documents are detailed, extensive and recount many alleged incidents involving Sandusky and eight different victims. It's nothing anybody wants to read, but it's there.

From another document, the gist of how the relationship began:

Kelly said the victim first encountered Sandusky through the Second Mile program, when he was 11 or 12 years old, attending a Second Mile camp on the Penn State University campus. Sandusky also allegedly used expensive gifts to maintain contact with the boy, including trips to professional and college sporting events, golf clubs, a computer, clothing and money.

It's also alleged that on March 1, 2002, a graduate assistant caught Sandusky and a young male showering together in the football locker room. The GA reportedly notified head coach Joe Paterno the next day, and Paterno notified athletic director Tim Curley shortly after. There's no mention of Paterno notifying law enforcement.

Kelly said the assistant, who was extremely upset about what he had seen, immediately called his father to relate what he had discovered.  Together, the two decided that the assistant should promptly report the incident to head football coach Joe Paterno.

The next morning, the assistant telephoned Paterno and then went to Paterno's home to explain what he had seen. Paterno testified that he then called Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and met with Curley the following day, explaining that a graduate assistant had reported seeing Sandusky involved in sexual activity with a young boy in the showers at the Lasch Building.

Almost two weeks later, the graduate assistant met with Curley and Schultz.

"Despite a powerful eyewitness statement about the sexual assault of a child, this incident was not reported to any law enforcement or child protective agency, as required by Pennsylvania law," Kelly said. "Additionally, there is no indication that anyone from the university ever attempted to learn the identity of the child who was sexually assaulted on their campus or made any follow-up effort to obtain more information from the person who witnessed the attack first-hand."

Instead, Sandusky was told he couldn't bring any of his Second Mile kids on campus.

Schultz told the grand jury he was aware of a similar, alleged incident in 1998, but didn't follow up on it either then or when the second incident came to light. Wendell Courtney, Penn State's university counsel to this day, reviewed the 1998 event.

For more on the Nittany Lions, visit Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries.

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