Famous Idaho Potato Bowl 2011, Utah State Vs. Ohio: Cats Take Blue Turf Tuber Battle, 24-23

The world's most famous potato-themed football game paired Utah State and Ohio in Boise, Idaho, with the Bobcats taking the lead as the clock died down.

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Ohio Vs. Utah State Final Score, Famous Idaho Potato Bowl 2011: MAC'd Potatoes

In accordance with every other Ohio Bobcats game and every other Utah State Aggies game, the inaugural Famous Idaho Potato Bowl came down to the closing minutes. A clutch drive, some goal line creativity and some confounding officiating conspired to give the Bobcats the first bowl win in program history.

With two to go and USU leading 23-17, Tyler Tettleton's OU offense got the ball on their side of midfield after some fine punt coverage.

His first strike found Riley Dunlop for 18 yards, followed by an eight-yard Donte Harden run. Under pressure, Tettleton took off, racing up the right sideline for 16 more and out of bounds at the 18 as the clock neared one minute.

Harden reached the 11 on a swing pass, with a fourth-and-six following shortly after. Tettleton unfurled a heave while under duress, finding LaVon Brazill for the first down. He lunged toward the goal line, nearly setting up the go-ahead extra point. He was evidently down inches shy of the line, but fumbled the ball into the end zone, where he recovered it.

Officials reviewed the call, announced the call on the field had been confirmed. Ohio celebrated, but it wasn't clear just what had been confirmed. The officials then announced a touchdown. Ohio celebrated again as ESPN's Mike Bellotti decried the advanced fumble being ruled a score. The officials reviewed it again. It was ruled down at the "six-inch line."

Ohio set up in a shotgun and fired Tettleton into the line, where he was stuffed. Down to 20 seconds. Tettleton deployed a fake dive that was supposed to be a pass but turned into a bootleg, diving into the end zone. The extra point was true, 24-23, Ohio.

For more on this game, visit MAC blog Hustle Belt. For more college football, stay tuned to SB Nation’s college football news coverage. And visit our many college football blogs.

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