Nebraska Recruiting Update: Small Class Packs Punch

Nebraska is thinking quality over quantity with the 2012 recruiting class.

Nebraska doesn't have a lot of scholarships to give this year. But in spite of that, SB Nation's Nebraska blog, Corn Nation, has an excellent rundown of the happenings in Lincoln.

It seems to have been a bit of a disappointing year so far, particularly with the switch of Deion Jones back to LSU:

Deion Jones - An August commitment to the Huskers, Jones switched to LSU back on 12/1 in a move that probably surprised very few people once the Tigers offered. His initial commitment definitely seemed to come with the caveat that it was solid unless an LSU offer happened. Once it did, he was as good as gone & this one hurts. Jones had freakish speed and Lavonte-ish attributes that had a good chance of developing into something special.

Jones, of course, is an excellent linebacker from New Orleans. That's a tough pull when the Tigers are 13-0 and the top team in the country. 

Still, Nebraska's small crop is decent. The star of the group is likely Paul Thurston, a talented offensive lineman:

Paul Thurston - OL - **** - A solid commitment from Colorado who had an all-star list of offers. Looks like a member of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family which is a solid attribute in an offensive lineman. He is #147 on the Rivals250.

I really enjoy Andy Ketterson's take on the class, as I share the same philosophy:

Currently, the Husker class is being viewed in one of two ways. The first, and the main focus of recruitniks, is the Rivals class ranking which currently has the Husker at #43 in the country. The only problem with treating that as the definitive ranking is that the Rivals formula is heavily based on the volume of the class - as a prime example, Callahan's 1st class was ranked #1 in some circles, but contained 32 players which made them weigh in more heavily with several more multipliers.

The second measuring stick shows that the Huskers are #9 in the country when the recruits' average star rating is considered, and putting aside the feelings of those that like to hoist the national recruiting trophy, this will be the most important measuring stick of this small class. The goal is top-level national ability for every signee. They are currently in the hunt for many who fit the bill. Will they get it and, as time is running out fast, are there backup plans in place where we miss?

Who is the biggest star remaining on the board for the Huskers? That would be Devin Fuller:

QB - Need: a bunch but 1-2 this year - Committed: Armstrong - Wish list: Fuller, Anthony Alford (Alonzo Moore?)

Starling's turn to baseball, Green's transfer and Turner's switch to wideout left the needle slightly above E on the QB tank. Martinez & Carnes are currently the only QB's on scholly, so one more is absolutely essential. Armstrong fills the 1st slot, but Devin Fuller, the 4-star Jersey athlete is the plum. Reeling him in on top of Armstrong would solidify one of our thinnest positions.

Corn Nation's blend of Nebraska recruiting information and humor is unmatched.

For all your Nebraska recruiting info, check out Corn Nation.


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