The Hurry Up, Dec. 29: College Football Headlines For Thursday

The SEC released expanded schedules and Texas played football, and you mean to tell me the biggest story of the day was a 2017 scheduling deal? Revolutionary times, friends.

The Hurry Up runs weekdays at's college football news hub.


The Big Ten and Pac-12 won the day, announcing a complicated partnership arrangement that's not conference realignment technically, but ...

Jay Bilas@JayBilas Call it collaboration or expansion, D-1 big shots are consolidating: follow the cash; if not with 'em, you're out.

Big Ten fans are foreseeing awesome, while the entire Pac-12 may not be quite as pumped.

In lesser news (!), the SEC football schedule for next year, incorporating Missouri and Texas A&M, is out. So, there's your lesser football scheduling news of the day. Once you get past the important stuff, if you have time, you could read that too.

Penn State Coach Watch: scratch Mike Munchak's name and sort of scratch Bo Pelini's. Laugh at Nick Saban's.

Norm Chow's made his first move as Hawai'i coach: bringing in quarterback Taylor Graham from Ohio State.

What timing: not only did Tennessee blog Rocky Top Talk serve up the news of DeAnthony Arnett's transfer request, they'd also had a profile of him scheduled to go up shortly after. Vols fans have had to get good at omens.

Until you see a headline that reads, "NCAA hopes to decrease its own power," just assume the opposite.

The Wyoming Cowboys have themselves a new defensive coordinator.

Who needs defensive linemen when you're playing against Georgia Tech? It's not like they're going to pass or anything. Wait, that's not what linemen are for. Sympathies, Utah.

Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro won't enter the NFL Draft. Speaking of the NFL Draft, here's a list at of all the players who've declared.


The Horns, with the help of Vaccaro, downed Cal in the Holiday Bowl, 21-10. If you have a joke about bad quarterbacking, this would've been a fine time to employ it.

BLAMMO! The Military Bowl! Toledo stormed D.C. in the name of the MAC, surviving an Air Force go-ahead two-point conversion in the closing minutes, 42-41.

Today's action: the Champs Sports Bowl, featuring two teams that are so overrated they're actually underrated, and the Alamo Bowl, featuring RG3 RG3 RG3 RG3 RG3 somebody should probably say something about Washington at some point.


The battle for the top recruiting class comes down to an absolutely shocking pair of teams.

And So Forth

Both Texas A&M and Northwestern will honor departed Aggies lineman Joe Villavisencio in their bowl game.

Oregon football: saving lives, losing their minds at Disneyland, shining on:

Just gonna quote Les Miles, as usual:

"I checked some weights," Miles said. "There were some leftover turkey and some stuffing that was kind of reminiscent of the meals that were eatin' over the break. But there was a nice, healthy sweat acquired, and that will happen again."

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