The Hurry Up, Dec. 30: College Football Headlines For Friday

Both Baylor and Florida State completed big comeback bowl wins, doing so in extremely Baylor and Florida State fashion, respectively. Elsewhere, Gus Malzahn may have a tagalong, Lou Holtz is shattered, and Virginia Tech would like to see you kick a few.

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If that's the way Robert Griffin III goes out, it couldn't have been more perfect*. Though his stats weren't what you'd hope for in his final game, his presence made all the difference, as Washington played loose enough to let three Bears backs break triple digits. When the crowd favorite is down by 18 points in the second half and nobody's daring to turn the TV off, you know you've got yourself a classic game. Also, say hello to 2012 Heisman Trophy candidate Keith Price.

* Bears fans would've preferred more defense. This guy can't do it all by himself.

Oh, also the Champs Sports Bowl. FSU also completed a second half, multiple-score comeback, but Noles fans will excuse the rest of us if we aren't quite as excited about this one as we are about the other one.

In today's action, all times E.T.: BYU-Tulsa at noon, Iowa State-Rutgers at 3:20, Mississippi State-Wake Forest at 6:40 and Oklahoma-Iowa at 10. It's a long slog to the big name game, but BYU-Tulsa should entertain, and Yankee Stadium football is always gawk-worthy.


Is Gus Malzahn bringing his own starter kit with him to Arkansas State, in the form of All-SEC Auburn running back Michael Dyer? Contrary to reports, ASU's punter says so, and I've never met a lying punter, except for all that flopping they do when grazed, and on second thought maybe you can never trust a punter.

Tennessee receiver DeAnthony Arnett is having a hard time getting out of Knoxville to be near his ailing father. The latest: he might not be able to without jeopardizing his future eligibility.

Ellis Johnson's Southern Miss staff now includes Tommy West, who once put Johnson on back in 1993. It also means lots of Clemson and South Carolina working together, which usually involves blood.

Oklahoma State players including Justin Blackmon are in some sort of investigation involving some sort of alleged creep. Bowl gifts were sold to athletic department employees at some point, which is my favorite SCANDAL detail ever.

Do you know any defensive coordinators? Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville has already hired him or her, probably. He needs a new one anyway.

Virginia Tech appears to be down to its third-string kicker, and it's quite difficult to imagine anything that would drive Frank Beamer up a wall more quickly.

One extra year for FSU coach Jimbo Fisher.

Hipster A.J. McCarron thought Alabama's old McCarron was more nuanced and useful than the new one, actually.

Terry Bowden's Akron deal is pretty much the same as Rob Ianello's was, though hopefully with a better exit plan than Ianello got.


Star back KeiVarae Russell opted for the gold-and-green-and-blue-and-red-ballcaps-during-the-Champs-Sports-Bowl-for-some-reason over the gold-and-purple-and-white-and-black.

And So Forth

Miami's paying money back to Nevin Shapiro. Players don't have to pay him back. That's about that.

LaMichael James isn't quite as set on the NFL Draft as reports would have you believe.

Penn State Coach Search: the update is there is no update, but thanks for the update, sir.

Quick, guess the outcome of Notre Dame's bowl game (via):


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