Isaiah Crowell: Get To Know A Top Football Recruit

We continue to help you learn about all of the young men who will model fitted caps for you tomorrow on ESPNU's Signing Day Coverage. One of them will be Isaiah Crowell, the top running back in Georgia and the apple of two very large and important programs' eyes.

Name: Isaiah Crowell.  The first name comes from the 8th Century BC prophet revered by both the Christian and Muslim faiths. Since both Georgia and Alabama desire his services, the name is appropriate given his current role. The surname means "well at the cross of two roads." This is not meaningful here, but maybe it'll win you a bar tab at trivia one night. 

Height/Weight: 5'11, 210 lbs. With Crowell it is not so much the weight as it is what the weight can do: at 210 he squats 455 and benches 315. The word muscular gets thrown around a lot with him, and it should since he's not dissimilar to Trent Richardson in build.

40 Time: He reportedly runs a 4.4, but most SEC running back recruits "reportedly" can.*

*A woman's age and a true 40 time are two of the three great fictions in life. The other is Neil Stephenson's Baroque Cycle.

Position: Running Back. 

Schools of Interest: Down to Georgia and Alabama. Georgia's already pulled a tried and true recruiting gambit in offering a scholarship to lifelong best friend Quintavious "Cootie" Harrow. It is perfectly legal to have a name like "Quintavious" in Georgia and still rightfully also claim a nickname like "Cootie." The Peach State is a cornucopia of human marvels.

Comparisons: Rivals says Joseph Addai, we say he's a little Trent Richardson-esque, and the video says either Lance or Bill from Contra, since all three wreak havoc despite having a heavy digital graphic on top of their heads.



Strengths: Superb field vision, reads blocks really well, has a name SEC announcers can dramatically stretch into a two-syllable call or snappily blurt out in a one-syllable burst if necessary. Strong as demons and not an easy tackle by any stretch of the imagination. Nice hands coming out of the backfield.

Weaknesses: This is a nitpick, but he does shuffle along in situations where some high-stepping could do. Hey, while we're complaining, did you know the Bugatti Veyron doesn't have cupholders? World's greatest car, my ass.

Will announce: Live on ESPNU tomorrow.

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