LSU Interviewed By NCAA About Will Lyles, According To Report

NCAA Investigators have interviewed LSU coaches about "street agent" Willie Lyles in an ongoing saga that's already embroiled three major universities in a pay-for-play scandal.

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Willie Lyles' LSU Recruiting Video 'Would Be Of Little Use,' According To Report

According to a report from ESPN's "Outside the Lines," the scouting video obtained by LSU from Willie Lyles' scouting service was of poor quality and contained footage of players already playing Division I football. Lyles received $6,000 for what was ostensibly scouting information on prospective high school and junior college recruits, but may have instead been payment for steering athletes towards LSU.

The footage obtained by ESPN through a public-records request was reportedly sent to the school beginning in October 2010. On the tapes are footage of players dating back to 2007, and several clips that were already available on YouTube. Lyles reportedly ripped footage from paywall and password-protected recruiting sites such as without permission. Also included were whole recordings of high school football games without any indication of which players were being targeted as recruits.

Lyle's relationship with LSU came under scrutiny from the NCAA after it was discovered that Oregon paid the Texas-based high school scout $25,000 for what may have been undue influence over players such as Lache SeastrunkLyles' turned in similarly shoddy recruiting information to Oregon, lacking any video footage and including reports on players that had already graduated high school. 

For more breaking news on the LSU scandal, be sure to stay tuned to the story stream here. For Tiger football news and analysis check out And The Valley Shook and Team Speed Kills.


NCAA Muzzles LSU Regarding Willie Lyles Investigation

The NCAA has placed a gag order on LSU from discussing Willie Lyles. It can safely be assumed that LSU is now officially under NCAA investigation. Via the The News Star:

NCAA spokesperson Stacey Osburn said Friday such gag orders usually are extended to schools under investigation.

"According to NCAA rules, all parties of the investigation must maintain the confidentiality of interviews to protect the integrity of an investigation," she said. "This includes the school and enforcement staff."

LSU admitted to paying Lyles $6,000 last season, and in return received scouting information and, potentially, inappropriate access to high school recruits. A Thursday press release from the athletic department confirmed that an NCAA official had been in Baton Rouge interviewing unidentified members of the coaching staff about Lyles' connection with the program.


LSU Interviewed By NCAA About Will Lyles, According To Report

I guess Les Miles has heard of Will Lyles now. Joe Schad with the scoop:

LSU confirms NCAA interviewed coaches about Will Lyles last weekless than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply


Lyles reportedly received $6,000 from LSU for his services, which came chock full with access to the fifth overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the newest Arizona Cardinal, Patrick Peterson.

Paired with the Georgia Tech penalty levied by the NCAA today, it's a banner day for college football. It's almost as if, with all the money schools make off college football and don't give to the athletes that make it great, there's some surplus of cash that teams can throw around to handlers like these. I wonder if there's a more worthy party to whom teams could bequeath those monies....


Patrick Peterson Reportedly Visited Texas A&M With Will Lyles In 2007

Patrick Peterson has denied having any relationship whatsoever with so-called street agent Will Lyles, saying, “I have never had any type of relationship with Willie Lyles and he had no influence on my decision to attend LSU, or any other school for that matter.”

He’s also claimed he never even visited Texas A&M and that Van Malone “had no involvement” in his recruitment.

But here’s a report from 2007 on by Brian Perroni on a Texas A&M visit by Peterson. The eventual LSU Tigers cornerback says he visited “the other day,” talking up the school’s academics and facilities before saying he wants to take another visit to the school. And Perroni today tweeted that the “friend” mentioned in the story was Lyles.

And there’s more! Peterson is quoted as saying, “At A&M I really like the coach recruiting me, coach [Van] Malone. He is also my position coach and he is really down to earth and he seems to care about the players more than just in football.”

For more on this story, visit And The Valley Shook, I Am The 12th Man, and Team Speed Kills.


Patrick Peterson, Texas A&M Respond To Van Malone's Willie Lyles Claim

Patrick Peterson denied a claim made to ESPN by former Texas A&M cornerbacks coach Van Malone that Willie Lyles asked for more than $80,000 to send Peterson to the Aggies. Lyles, you’ll recall, has a reputation as a street agent and played a role in the recent Oregon Ducks’ NCAA investigation.

Malone, who’s now a Tulsa coach, to ESPN:

A few days after the kid’s visit, Will calls and says, ‘If you want this kid, there are other schools that want this kid as well. They’re willing to pay a certain amount of money, around the $80,000 mark. He said that was something we were going to have to beat as a university to be able to obtain the services of this kid.

LSU Tigers star Peterson responded on ESPN radio, calling the claim “all baloney” and adding: “Why would I jeopardize my future over going to Texas A&M and $80,000 when I knew that my future was playing football?”

Texas A&M has weighed in with a statement of its own, calling the claim “a non-issue.”

For more on this story, visit And The Valley Shook, I Am The 12th Man, and Team Speed Kills.


LSU And 'Street Agent' Will Lyles: Frequently Asked Questions

LSU is being investigated for ties to Will Lyles, the so-called "street agent" who also has financial ties to the Oregon Ducks, themselves under investigation. How does this affect you, bored college football fan?

What's all this, then?
Will Lyles, the SUPER-SHADOWY STREET AGENT who was paid a cool $25,000 by Oregon for "scouting services," was apparently also under contract to LSU. As a result, the university is now wriggling under the NCAA microscope themselves. Neato!

How much did LSU pay Lyles?

That's a lot less than Oregon.

The Tigers apparently only wanted JUCO player information, and LSU also used several other scouting services to round out their coverage.

Is this what that fellow with the unfortunate hair was yelling about all day yesterday?

Is Thayer Evans this sensationalist and shouty about everything?
Pretty much, which is why he's perfect for this kind of story. BREAKING: LEGAL-BUT-SKETCHY PRACTICE IS BOTH LEGAL AND SKETCHY. It's a living.

Wait, if the practice of using scouting services is legal, why might the Bayou Bengals be in trouble?
Well, it appears that an LSU assistant coach visited a high school in the company of Lyles to see future Tigers signee Trevon Randle, which could lead to Lyles being classified as a booster, and boosters are prohibited from influencing recruits.

What are the future implications of an investigation like this?

Bet on the NCAA illegalizing scouting services at some point, in the name of college football not attaining the reputation of college basketball when it comes to recruiting (although that's a blurry line as it is). And expect to hear more schools pulled into this. If two schools were involved here, more were.

Wait, where have I heard Thayer Evans' name before?

You're thinking of the "girls were also romancing each other" incident.

How is girls romancing each other a bad thing, again?
It is perhaps best not to question the mind of a young man who favors coeds of Oklahoma over those of Texas.

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