AUBURN AL - SEPTEMBER 25: Quarterback Stephen Garcia #5 of the South Carolina Gamecocks looks on from the sidelines in the fourth quarter against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 25 2010 in Auburn Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Stephen Garcia Reinstated After Months-Long Suspension, Probation

Perpetual doghouse-dwelling quarterback Stephen Garcia found himself on the outs at South Carolina due to one misdeed or another (or another), but will be allowed to lead the Cocks into their first-ever SEC East title defense.

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Stephen Garcia Triumphantly Reinstated To South Carolina Football

Waiting for South Carolina Gamecocks QB Stephen Garcia to be reinstated has been kind of like knowing months in advance what you're getting for Christmas, but only if Christmas comes on a random date. Wait no longer: Garcia is back.

Garcia was originally suspended an entire calendar season ago, leading to instant Steve Spurrier insight that lasted through SEC Media Days. HBC's famously hate-love-hate relationship with all of his non-Heisman quarterbacks flourished throughout the endeavor. Garcia returned on a probationary basis in May, but then radio Columbia went dark on the matter.  

With their star (yes, actually!) quarterback at the helm, the Cocks will be favored to win the SEC East. Wait, you say they already were favored to win the SEC East? It's almost like everybody knew this day would come here sooner rather than later.

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Stephen Garcia Returns To South Carolina Football 'On Probationary Basis'

Here's a Memorial Day move that surprised few, or at least far fewer than that other big college football story of the day: lampooned QB Stephen Garcia will be allowed to work out with his South Carolina Gamecocks teammates this summer, but coach Steve Spurrier says the leash will be short for a couple months. Like, shorter than usual.

Garcia was suspended indefinitely on April 6 after being briefly suspended on March 15, all of which increased his total number of suspensions to ... /counts on fingers ... five. All are believed to relate to partyin'.

Considering Garcia is the most experienced quarterback on Carolina's roster -- and in the entire SEC -- the team will strongly hope to have him calling signals in the fall. The Cocks have somehow found themselves with a SEC East title to defend, but another slip-up by Garcia could put that in instant jeopardy.

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Stephen Garcia Suspension: Fan Outrage Reaction Roundup

We know little more of Stephen Garcia's indefinite suspension from South Carolina football on Thursday morning than we did when the news broke Wednesday night, but some South Carolina fans have already heard enough. We can understand this, really, since while Garcia's neverending parade of misdeeds is a source of continued delight to us, they actually need him to play football. Over at Garnet & Black Attack, one Gamecocks blogger thinks the reports of Garcia's drinking (denied by the quarterback himself, it should be noted) might actually be a weird relief if true:

I'm more inclined to say that Garcia should be dismissed if alcohol wasn't involved. Alcoholism is a disease, and while his behavior is in some regards fairly typical of college male behavior, his tendency to continue to damage his reputation with his partying is certainly alarming. I wouldn't want to throw Garcia under the bus if what he really needs is, at the very least, the chance to show that he's interested in treatment.

Currently, 76% of respondents in a poll on the blog think Garcia should be dismissed from the football team.

Another of our G&B bloggers thinks Garcia's lost sight of what it means to don the garnet and black:

18-22 year old men that are expected to become agressive headhunters on Saturdays typically aren't going to be angels.  They may run into some trouble in their four or five years as a college student-athlete, but to be suspended five times in a five year span is ridiculous.  It's even more ridiculous that it's happened to a player who plays a position that requires the greatest responsibility and demands leadership.

We wind up our morning outrage roundup with a sublimely ironic palate cleanser from South Carolina beat writer Travis Haney:

The senior, suspended for the first week of spring practice for an incident during bowl week, was asked to leave the leadership and life-skills function.

Oh, Stephen. Never, ever change. Not that there's much chance of that.


Steve Spurrier On Stephen Garcia Suspension: 'If He's Back, He's Back'

Steve Spurrier commented after South Carolina football practice on the Wednesday news of QB Stephen Garcia’s suspension. The Post and Courier’s Travis Haney collected quite a few very Steve Spurrier quotes on the matter. Here are just three of them, but you should go read all the rest:

We are where we are. If he’s back, he’s back. If he’s not back, really it’s same thing as maybe guy getting hurt, guy going pro. Players come and go, as we all know. This incident should never have happened, but it did. This is where we are. We only throw 18 to 20 times a game, anyway.

Spurrier and Garcia have had one of college football’s weirdest relationships for years now, from the coach benching the passer to publicly casting doubt upon his assertions to referring to him like he’s some Chris Farley character.

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Stephen Garcia Denies He Was Suspended For Arriving Drunk At Team Event

So why was Stephen Garcia suspended indefinitely from South Carolina football? The obvious scenario you've certainly envisioned by now -- partyin' -- has been confirmed by's John Whittle and others. The story has Garcia arriving to a 7 pm ET South Carolina leadership event of some sort already drunk.

However, Garcia told the Associated Press that the suspension did not involve arrests, drugs, or alcohol. But a man can get a buzz off a significant supply of Robitussin and vanilla extract, let's recall.

More from athletic director Eric Hyman on Garcia's suspension:

Being a student-athlete at the University of South Carolina is a privilege, not a right. We have expectations for our student-athletes and we make them aware that there are consequences for their actions.

Stephen has exhibited behavior that is unacceptable for one of our student-athletes. Therefore, he has forfeited the privilege to participate in any football-related activity until further notice.

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Stephen Garcia Suspended 'Indefinitely' From South Carolina Football

Stephen Garcia's brief suspension from South Carolina football spring practice apparently didn't do the trick. Despite coach Steve Spurrier's admission that he just can't stay mad at the young pup, athletic director Eric Hyman has announced Garcia will be suspended indefinitely from the football program. 

No specifics yet on whether this is explicitly related to the previous charge of cavorting before the 2010 Chick-fil-A Bowl, as Hyman terms Garcia's misdeeds as having "exhibited behavior that is unacceptable for one of our student-athletes." Well, all right then.

While Garcia has made a habit of being excused from spring practice for one reason or another, this is a whole new level. South Carolina was already expected to go through something of a QB controversy this spring with Connor Shaw also in the running, but the 2011 starter may have just been named.

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Stephen Garcia Suspended For South Carolina Spring Practice Opening Week, According To Reports

Stephen Garcia has been suspended for "the first portion" of South Carolina Gamecocks spring practice, according to the Post and Courier's Travis HaneyESPN's Chris Low describes that portion as being the opening week.

This one appears to be for missing team hotel curfew in Atlanta while preparing for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, according to Low. Teammates Andrew Clifford and Mike Triglia also broke team rules during their time in Georgia. Clifford joined Garcia in missing Tuesday's practices, according to Haney.

Garcia has made a custom of missing bits of spring practices due to breaking various rules, doing it for three straight years now. Though he's a capable quarterback and a big reason for the team's 2010 SEC East title, his decision-making has been the subject of much derision both on and off the field, with occasional Steve Spurrier benchings, intentional safeties, and whirlwinds of turnovers complementing his suspensions. 


For more on the Cocks, visit Garnet And Black Attack.

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